A Tribute to Nation’s Youth Icon- ‘The Swami Vivekananda’A Tribute to Nation’s Youth Icon- ‘The Swami Vivekananda’

January 20, 2017
National Conference on Law in Cyberspace: March 30-31, 2017
January 21, 2017

The students of School of Education (G D Goenka University), enthusiastically participated in an inter-house talk on ‘Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda’, organized by school members in its premises on 20th January, 2017. The talk was floated out with a vision to propagate the values of humanity, brotherhood, courage, unity, and national integration amongst the youth of society. Since today’s young student- teachers are propagators of future society and the values imbibed by them is going to be the reflection of future generation. Along with such a notion, one representative from each house led the talk and it was judged under the esteemed presence of Dr. Shefali Gola (Assistant Professor, SoE) and Dr. Priyanka Malhotra (Assistant Professor, SoMAS). The efforts put by all the participants were remarkable and Priyanka Ghudson was the most appreciated unanimously by all judges, participants, and audience as well. The organized talk closed with a note of learning and enriching experience.

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