Dr. Sudeep Sharma

Associate Professor & Head
Civil & Mechanical Engineering

GD Goenka Civil & Mechanical Engineering
Faculty in Spotlight
  • Educational Qualifications

    B. Tech., M. Tech. (University of Manitoba, Canada) Ph.D. (TU Clausthal, Germany)
  • Work Experience

    8 Years full time experience – 2 Industry (Dell), 6 Academic
    More than 5 years of part time experience as Teaching/Research Assistant in Canada & Germany
  • Career Goals

    Current goal is to give 100% and make a name for myself in the present organization. Long term goal is to follow the above line throughout my life
  • My Education Mantra

    Teaching has always been a passion and never just profession. I personally believe in the policy of ‘No Child Left Behind’. Every student irrespective of his cognitive ability has the potential to do something incredible in life and education as a system needs to evolve and come out of the ‘Number Game’ image, where how much you score on a test is more important than what you can achieve in life.
  • Interests and Hobbies

    I have always been actively involved in sports like Soccer, Cricket and Tennis during my studies. I enjoy watching movies, travelling and reading.
  • A Hidden Talent I have

    Bike modification. I have modified a couple of Enfield Bullet motorbikes as a hobby. It included remodelling, fabrication, assembly and painting and I have done all this with my own hands.
  • One thing that I am really proud of

    The ratio of successful to the unsuccessful ones out of all the projects undertaken till date.
  • My Dream

    My dream is to mechanize agriculture in India by use of drones, farm robots and improved efficiency of farm machinery. It’ll be tough as most of the farmers in India are technically unskilled and economically penurious. So simple and low cost solutions are needed and hopefully not too far in the future I see myself doing barbeque on the rooftop of my farmhouse while the little robots are sowing the seeds. That is the dream I want to convert to reality
  • A Book that really inspired me:

    The Alchemist
  • The person I admire the most:

    It’s hard to name just one person as there have been many people in my life like family & friends, teachers, bosses, colleagues etc., who I admire. Some have taken care of me, some have inspired me, some have pushed me beyond my own limits, some have shown me the real me. I have never been the one who admire or get inspired by celebrities. I admire real people who I have met and who have made a real contribution to what I am today.
  • What I like about working at GD Goenka University

    One thing I love here is the academic freedom. Here, I am actually able to implement innovative teaching and evaluation methods which makes the classes interesting & innovative and hence effective learning. The facilities are amazing, the seniors are inspiring and helpful and the overall environment is congenial for teaching and research purposes.