Ms. Sakshi Kaul

Assistant Professor
School of Humanities and Social Science

GD Goenka School of Humanities and Social Science
Faculty in Spotlight
  • Educational Qualifications

    M.A. Applied Psychology, PhD. (Submitted)
  • Work Experience

    Worked as a School Psychologist and a Trainer and now working with the GDGU as a Faculty.
  • Career Goals & Highlights

    To enhance my skills and work towards excellence in all I do.
    I recently presented a paper titled “Emerging from Loneliness and Despair” at the  4th Annual International Conference on Cognitive and behaviour Psychology – CBP 2015 at Singapore.
  • My Education Mantra

    Being educated means gaining knowledge and wisdom. I believe in what Oliver Wendell Holmes Says, ‘What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies with us’.
  • Interests and Hobbies

    Creative arts expression, Reading motivational books.
  • A Hidden Talent I have

    I write free will poetry based on human emotions and experience.
  • One thing that I am really proud of

    My genuineness.
  • My Dream

    To be able to positively touch and enhance as many lives as possible.
  • A Book that really inspired me

    I am a motivational reader, fond of reading Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho, Dr. Brain Weiss and the likes.
  • The person I admire the most

    I admire my parents as what I am today is all because of them.
  • What I like about working at GD Goenka University

    GDGU has given me a chance to explore, be imaginative and creative in the field of education which I believe is core of being an educationist.
    Being a part of a very efficient team.