Research Grants

Funding Period : 3 Years

Investigator(s)Name of Funding AgencyTopicFunding Status
Dr Shashikant, Dr Abhinav Gupta, Dr Sandeep NagarDSTSimulation of Supernova explosionAccepted for funding by SERB (DST) under EMR scheme
Dr Priyanka Tyagi (in collaboration with Jaypee Institute of Technology, Noida)LSRB, DRDOWound Management using Oxygen filled Nanocarriers at high altitude or in Hypoxia environmentUnder Progress
Dr Priyanka TyagiSERB, DSTDevelopment of phytochemicals based nano-engineered system for modulation of multi-drug resistance in breast cancer therapy.Under Progress
Dr Shashikant, Dr Abhinav Gupta, Dr Sandeep NagarSERB, DST (under EMR scheme)Modeling and Simulations of Supernovae type Ia light curves: Connecting observations with theoryUnder Progress
Dr Keerti Jain, Dr Smita SoodDSTSentiment Analysis of Indian Tweets for Food price crisesUnder Progress
Dr Priyanka SharmaSERB, DSTSyntheses and enantiomeric separation of prospective bioactive bicyclic and tetracyclic benzothiazepine heterocyclesUnder Progress
Dr SupreetSERB-ECRA-DSTHighly improved devices characteristics in tunable semiconducting quantum dots/rods and liquid crystal compositesUnder Progress
Dr Himanshu AroraDSTDesigning Simple and Hybrid Single Molecular MagnetsUnder Progress