2-Day Materiality and Buildability Workshop on Systems and Structures

Materiality and Buildability Workshop
October 29, 2018
Director’s Message
February 26, 2019

2-Day Materiality and Buildability Workshop on Systems and Structures


On day 1 of the Workshop, i.e. 30th October 2018, the students were initially introduced to various arches, vaults and domes along with their examples through a brief presentation. The presentation was followed by the explanation of overall structural mechanism and forces working on arches and vaults by creating miniature brick models.

Later, in groups of 3-4, the students were asked to create models of various vaults and domes by making clay bricks and joining them using Plaster of Paris.

On day 2 of the workshop, i.e. 31st October 2018,the theme was “Decoding Geodesic Domes” wherein the aim was to work on geodesic domes models by different ways of construction and different materials. Students were asked to arrange for some basic materials like garden hose pipe, straws, skewers, and some binding materials like stapler, glue, etc. The workshop was started with a small basic model made of paper to let students understand the basic construction of domes taking it further to larger models which were supposed to be done in groups of four. The students showed their team spirits and came out with commendable models which proved that the ideas behind the workshop was clear to them.

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