Heritage Walk
April 27, 2016
World Environment Day Celebration
June 7, 2016

Earth Day Celebration

It was our pleasure to celebrate earth day which marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement on April 22nd 1970. This movement has grown into a global event recognized by 192 countries.

School of Architecture and Planning devoted a special day to help the earth in a way to demonstrate how much we care about the future of our planet. Deans, faculty members and students from all the schools attended the event.

Our program included a Rabindranath Tagore song was sung by our dean Prof Chhabi Mishra in her melodious and mesmerising voice, a beautiful dance performance by second year student Upasana Sharma, followed by a play “A MIME” based on environment protection.

The play started with beautiful natural environment where we have abundance of vegetation, water and fresh air. The characters in the role play depicted how human intervention has polluted the natural which in turn affects our mother earth and causes health hazards.

Let’s join our hand together in the movement to save our mother earth. We need to recycle reuse reduce wastage etc. Let’s also encourage our friends and family to join hands, one of the way we can contribute is to plant trees and get to know them. SoAP organized a NATURE WALK to take everyone around to show the trees in campus and their properties.


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