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Prof. Nirmal Kulkarni ( Director )

Role of Architecture

Why architecture?

The UNESCO website gives a very endearing view authored by Jesse Harris - Architecture is the art that provide us the physical environment we live in. It is a deep expression of human civilization in a particular era, and it will endure and outlive us in forms of monuments that future generations will study and strive to understand. To strive to be a part of a profession so important to mankind is a challenge which can’t be ignored. Creating future histories and being an integral part of that ebullient world is exciting and intriguing at the same time.

There are these two worlds we all live in. There’s the world of imagination and then there’s the world of realities. An architect is one who cross-connects between the two, and is capable of addressing the real world while not losing touch with the creative spirit lurking within. The two worlds are continuously in tension with each other and what grows out of this sense of engagement provides the architect with a balanced worldview for representing the society and culture we are a part of.

A good architect is part philosopher, part technologist, part artist and fully human.

Come let’s define the role of architecture for this era.

Vision & Design values

At GDGU SoAP, the overall vision is to provide an open-ended platform for producing thinking architects who have been endowed with skills to be innovative and chart their own path with courage and determination. Empathy, Learn & Share is the trinity of intertwined principles from which our value-system springs. Nurturing communication skills for articulation is of primary importance to us, because what we say and do is always left behind, so tread carefully we must.

Knowledge culture

All knowledge begins with an intrinsic ability to conduct research, and we at GDGU SoAP nurture the student’s capacity for data collection and analysis. Well experienced and devoted in-house full-time faculty trains students in addressing the rigors of the architecture course. Terms of engagement with the students are on a peer-to-peer basis where faculty members are facilitators and not in the age-old relationship of “the teacher” and “the taught”.

For the current & coming years, we plan on engaging with well-known visiting faculty to bring on industry experience through modules and in a continuous process, through their esteemed practices thereby enriching the student’s potential and knowledge base. Ample space and opportunity is bring provided for debates on all issues, some of which are intended influence design assignments in the on-going semester. Students who engage thus, taking critical positions about the environment and our intervention with it, definitely contribute to the growth of knowledge relevant to progress and development. Architects are the shapers of our future and all opportunities are being provided to here to help shape a great one.

Interdisciplinary is another of our initiatives which will start rolling out from the semester starting August 2018. At GDGU we have several allied field specializations in design, engineering, and humanities with whom in-house collaborations are being sought for inculcating a diverse approach among students of architecture and planning.

Student culture

We believe in knowledge as a shared resource and the imparting of values by example rather than by theoretical learning alone. One of the core principles we encourage here is that of team-work and a collaborative approach which shapes students to look at society with empathy which according to us forms the basis of all essential design thinking.

The student selection process is rigorous and we provide excellent opportunities for talented and especially creative individuals to compete for free scholarships (check link for details - ) to encourage the best of the best from all over to come together and form a symbiotically bonded community of highly motivated young people of the world. We believe in preparing the student to the practice of architecture in the real world from the time they enter the portals of GDGU SoAP. This means that the student engages with constructible structures, in a hands-on approach, with an up-to-date inherent knowledge of materials, tools and processes.

Structure of the schools

Currently, we offer BArch, BPlan and MArch degree courses. These courses are structured as per the norms set by our regulatory body, the Council of Architecture. All courses are operated by the norms of best practices and possess a strong ethical backbone. We have a robust infrastructure in place capable of housing students comfortably in a clean and secure environment. Well-appointed workshops and library provides necessary opportunity for design explorations through the process of knowing and doing.

Come join my team and me to explore this exciting world together in a journey of being the change we seek.

Prof. Nirmal Kulkarni
GDGU, School of Architecture and Planning,

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