Travel diary: 1st year B.Arch

SoAP and Sport
January 27, 2016
Fine Art Club
January 27, 2016

A Study tour was designed for First Year to be both fun and educational.The purpose of the tour was to emphasize experiential learning and offer both group and self-directed activities that enabled students to explore new territories, cultures, and people. Our students socialized freely with the locals, enjoyed the cuisine, and make use of the recreational and cultural resources of the areas that we visit.

Our students visited City Palace Udaipur where they sketched and studied different part of the palace. An evening in Pichola lake exposed them to man-made water bodies and human settlements around it. They also visited Chittorgargh Fort, a World Heritage Site and the famous Jain Temples of Ranakpur and Dilwara amongst many other interesting and fascinating structures. The aim of the tour was to cause permanent changes in the though process of students, including increased perception and sensory awareness.

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