A day at Naya Gaon and Abheypur villages

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May 19, 2015
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September 24, 2015

A day at Naya Gaon and Abheypur villages

On September 11, 2015 the BJMC and MJMC students of the School of Communication were taken to Naya Gaon, a village located off the Sohna-Gurgaon road.

They were welcomed there with the traditional tilak by Mr Somdutt Bharadwaj, the team leader of the Community Development Program of the Navjyoti India

Foundation – an NGO which has been working in the Sohna villages for several years.

Mr Bharadwaj briefed the students on the activities undertaken by the Foundation, which was established in 1987 by a few like- minded police officials as a way to check crime and to work as a rehabilitation Centre.

He also showed the students the premises of the Foundation, which is used for skill development and education of village children and women.

The students were then taken to Abhyepur village where the volunteers of the Foundation have been working for several years. During the bus-ride, Ms Chandni Bedi Taneja, Director Rural Management and Training Institute, briefed the students about the challenges that their volunteers face, and the solutions that they have devised.

At Abheypur village, the students were divided into three groups. The first group visited the potters’ community where they learnt about the village potters’ vocation and presented a short play on “Health and Hygiene” which was enjoyed and appreciated by all villagers.

The second group interacted with the women of the village who spoke to them about the self-help groups. The president of the groups in the village, Mrs. Anita narrated her experiences of forming these groups and the apathy she received from the male dominated community.

The third group visited the girls’ primary school in the village. As they entered the school, they could see little girls running around in their uniforms, eager to make use of the lunch break.

The students were greeted by the Principal Mr.Rishi Balaji who told them about the school and the role Navjyoti Foundation played in setting up the school.

The students used the opportunity to collect information for developing news reports for their training paper and for their blogs. They also took several photographs which will be converted into photo essays.

It was an interesting trip which helped the students understand the dynamics of the urban and the rural convergence in India.

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