Media students learn to use RTI to write news reports

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February 26, 2015
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February 27, 2015

Media students learn to use RTI to write news reports

Prof Anil Dawra of the School of Law conducted a workshop on the Right to Information Act, the path-breaking law that empowers every citizen to obtain information from government officials.

The workshop had two objectives:

  • One, to apprise the media students of the important sections of the RTI Act; and
  • Two, to teach them how to obtain information using the RTI Act.

The understanding and use of RTI Act to obtain information for writing news reports is an important part of the BJMC and MJMC programmes. It prepares the students to acquire a skill that will help them become good journalists.

Prof Dawra followed up the workshop with another session where he explained the importance of choosing the right topic. He told the students what they should ask, and from which authority, if they want to do an in depth news report on Gurgaon’s traffic management.

He also pressed upon the students the importance of asking the right question. “A poorly framed question will only elicit a generalised answer. It will not help in developing a god news report,” Prof Dawra told students.

The workshop and the follow up lecture were a great lesson for media students. They have now selected subjects to develop news reports.

These questions will now be submitted to different authorities, and the students will build news reports based on the answers – very much like professional journalists.

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