Protecting your Designs and other IPR Issues for Designers
September 16, 2014
SOFD Students Learn the Art of Draping
October 7, 2014

Our School of Fashion Design is buzzing with activity right at the beginning of this semester.The third speaker for our industry-connect platform ‘Design Directions’ wherein we’ll be inviting speakers from Industry to talk to our SOFD students is Mr. Samrat Som. He is Vice President – ROYAL ENFIELD and Head of their Apparel & Accessories Business.

He’ll be talking on ” Telling Stories Everyday – How Design help build Brands”

Prior to joining Royal Enfield – one of India’s most iconic brand, for creating a new business, Mr. Som was with Madura Garments for 12 years as the Creative and Marketing Director for India’s largest menswear brand Louis Phillip. There he created two new sources of revenue through design-marketing interventions.

A graduate of NIFT and a post graduate from Chelsea College, London, Mr. Som has followed a very interesting path where he has worked as a free-lance photographer and designer, bummed around in Sikkim working for an NGO, worked with one of the largest textile mills in the world, painted & sold t-shirts & shoes, worked as a market-researcher, truck-loader and a toy salesman.

Please do attend this interesting talk on 24th (Wednesday), 2.30 to 4.30 at B007 and learn from a proven industry hand.

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