Message From Dean

Prof. Sasi Gopal Menon
Dean, School of Fashion & Design, GD Goenka

Design, in it’s broadest sense, is defined as the purpose or planning that exists behind an action, fact, or object. As you can see, it is the source from where all action begins and it is also the way in which those actions are translated into reality. The world of design is exciting and engaging, while being creative.

As a design professional, your influence extends from the time an idea is conceived till the time it is executed, while working together with various stakeholders in the process. Most design professionals find themselves in a leadership role, where they have the power to influence the decision making process.

As a student of design, you will enter a world where there are no limitations to your imagination, no boundaries to your influence and no reins to your success. You are your own leader and boss. You become the inspiration to others.

A career in design will help you navigate the exciting world of creative enterprises and place you on a global platform. Be it fashion, products, interiors or communication, the opportunities are vast. You will also have the bandwidth to become successful in the corporate world, in social enterprise or as a creative entrepreneur. The School of Fashion and Design will ensure your success by equipping you with the best skills and training in the best tools.

Welcome to the world of Design!

Prof. Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis
President of Triennale Design Museum and Former Director of Indaco Department of Politecnico Di Milano.

Prof. Dell’Acqua is a professor of Industrial Design, Interior Design, Textile Design and Fashion Design at Politecnico di Milano University in Milan, Italy. At the same university, he is also the director of the Polidesign project, chairman of the Fashion Design department, and since 1990 he has been the director of the Masters Degree in Design Management and Interior Design. He has been visiting professor at many European and extra-European universities. He has lectured at the Royal Academy of Copenhagen (Denmark), at the Faculty of Architecture of Aarhus (Denmark), at De Montfort University (UK). He has conducted workshops at the Universities of Helsinki (Finland), Oslo (Norway), Orléans (France), Barcelona (Spain), Montreal (Canada), São Paulo (Brazil). He has held Interior & Lighting seminars in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Barcelona. He has taught Design Strategies and Technology and Prototypes workshops for the Design and Fashion Management courses at Bocconi Business School in Milan. He has also supervised the Italian international exchange students project (Erasmus Programme) for the Industrial and Interior Design departments at Politecnico di Milano.