Prof. Sasi Gopal Menon

Dean, School of Fashion & Design

Trained with a strong base in conceptual thinking and creative ideas from National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, Sasi Gopal Menon been working both as a design practitioner and a design educator since 1998. While his experience in academics gives him the necessary skills to strategize and execute different programmes in the field of design, his exposure in the professional world gives the necessary strength to translate those strategies into real-time, responsive design projects.

Sasi has been involved in projects related to landscape architecture and interior / exterior design, with special focus on the hospitality industry. He has also been deeply involved in design management, with emphasis on design strategy and planning. His involvement in these projects gives him the strength to direct the academic process into a meaningful and industry oriented engagement for students.

As an educator, Sasi has been instrumental in setting up and stabilizing programmes in craft based design, design foundation studies as well as training programmes for artisans as well as non-design students. He has also designed industry oriented progammes in Product Design.

He believes that good design is a result of good training, which is a combination of skills, insight and creative abilities along with a sense of leadership.