Industrial Visit of ECE Students to AERF, Noida

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March 8, 2016
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March 25, 2016

Industrial Visit of ECE Students to AERF, Noida

On 9th March 2016, the 1st and 2nd Year Electronics and Communication Engineering students of GD Goenka University went on an industrial trip to Associated Electronics Research Foundation (AERF), Noida. AERF was established in 1981 and is recognized by the Government of India and is funded by the Department of Electronics (DoE). It works on a non-profit basis and works in three parallel dimensions namely, Research & Development, Testing and Training. The various projects developed at the institution were also demonstrated to the students such as PTR 1000 (Portable Transfer Receiver-1000). The device is for the use of Indian Army and is a wire-line based technology with a range of 25 km. The students were also made familiar with the various jigs for Field Telephone Set, Digital Energy Meter and Speed & Dial PBA (Printed Board Assembly).

The VOIP telephone which is a wireless medium of communication was also demonstrated. The acclaimed AUDIO+ was demonstrated which is used to enhance the sound quality, check fluctuations for I/O and detect the frequency at which the best output is produced. Among the many R&D developments there, a few were; Ripple current tester for electrolytic capacitors, RC wire checking jig, Test jig for Amplifier performance, PC based FBT-SALORA, Beam scanning, Video extractor for 3D RADAR. The students were made familiar with the various testing equipments, the various category of testing and the national and international standards of testing and methods of approval. The Climatic Test Chamber was demonstrated and its importance in testing procedure was also explained. The Electrostatic Discharge Test as a safety test for checking of proper ground of electronic and electrical devices was discussed. The Vibration Table test was demonstrated which is used to test the robustness of and electrical or electronic appliance.

Furthermore, to make the students aware of their future endeavours, various courses offered at AERF as a part of trainee programme on embedded systems, graphics and software development were discussed. A generated list of projects undertaken by various trainees at AERF was exhibited to motivate the students. The students were also made aware of the various academic facilities at AERF, like the AERF Library, Material Appraisal Lab, hands on experience and others. Overall, the trip was very informative and motivating.

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