Workshop cum Championship on Quadcopter

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February 3, 2015
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February 16, 2015

Workshop cum Championship on Quadcopter

GD Goenka University organizes a two-day Workshop Cum Championship on Quadcopter

School of Engineering, GD Goenka University organized a two-day workshop Cum Championship on Quadcopter during 9th – 10th February 2015 in association with Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. A total of 60 students from G D Goenka University, KIIT Gurgaon, K R Mangalam University and World Institute of Technology attended the workshop. Sessions were delivered by Mr. Soumya, and Mr. Rajneesh from Robo Sapiens Pvt. Ltd.

The structure of the workshop has 4 sessions distributed over two days. During session no.1, students studied the fundamentals of multicopter, different types of multicopter along with its working mechanism, constructional techniques, and applications. This session formed the basis of other sessions as students were introduced to basic components required to implement a Quadcopter.

In session no.2, students were briefed about sensors, motors, propellers, different types of frames, microcontrollers, and related systems present on the circuit board given to students as a kit. Student learned about batteries, Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), NAZA Board, calibration and programming.

During session 3, students implemented the Quadcopter using the kit provided to them. All the students were divided into 15 groups. They assembled the frame with propellers and then soldered the 4 BLDC motors with the frame and connected the power supply. They then connected the 4ESC’s and receiver with the PCB board. After completing the calibration of receiver with the transmitter, the students were able to rotate the BLDC motors and control their speed using transmitter.

During session no.4, competition among all 15 groups was held in which students had to implement their own multicopter in a different manner and by adding new features. Three teams became successful within the given time frame. Two teams from World Institute of Technology and KIIT Gurgaon and one team from GD Goenka University were chosen as winner of the competition. Students found these sessions very useful towards their studies and getting hands on experience of implementing a Quadcopter. They were very satisfied with their time during the workshop well spent.

GD Goenka University congratulates all the successful teams. The winning teams will participate in Grand Finale of the national level championship ROBO NEXT 2015 to be held in IIT Delhi during March 2015.


Aakash Banerjee (KIIT Gurgaon)
Manish Kumar (KIIT Gurgaon)
Dhruv Kumar (KIIT Gurgaon)

Darshana Tanwar (World Institute of Technology)
Ishna Shukla (World Institute of Technology)
Yogita Gangwar (World Institute of Technology)

Karun Rao – GD Goenka University
Rishi Raj Kushwaha – K R Managalam University
Pardeep – K R Managalam University

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