Exhibition of Mobile Science Labs at GDGU
May 11, 2015
Workshop on “Open Source Alternatives in Engineering Studies”
July 13, 2015

Workshop on MATLAB

A workshop on MATLAB and its applications in engineering studies was conducted at School of Engineering, G D Goenka University on 9th June 2015. All faculty members from School of engineering participated in the event conducted by Mr. Zafar from Designtech Systems Ltd. Besides the basic use of MATLAB in simple array based numerical computation techniques, its use in signal processing, image processing, using SIMULINK libraries for various engineering domains and integration with popular low cost hardware was discussed. The information enabled engineering faculties to judge the effectiveness of MATLAB for the teaching learning process.

Live examples and case studies from various disciplines of engineering studies were discussed to highlight the versatility of MATLAB and to justify the statement “MATLAB is the language of engineers”. The workshop also enabled faculties to compare MATLAB with equivalent open source alternatives. MATLAB is used by over 5000 universities and about 1 million users, which makes it necessary to be trained on its basic use. A large number of engineering firms use MATLAB in their day to day applications and this makes it even more important for engineering faculty and students to learn and use MATLAB for engineering studies.

Present workshop was aimed towards informing MATLAB’s possible use in engineering studies. Faculties have been encouraged to assess the viability of MATLAB as a tool in classroom and for projects undertaken by members of the school. Also they are advised to compare MATLAB with open source tools and judiciously choose among them for a particular application.

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