A Report on Talk by Pascal Fautrat

SOHSS hosts Pascal Fautrat, Executive Director, Tara Homes
October 17, 2014
SOHSS Visit to NACG Seminar
November 7, 2014

A Report on Talk by Pascal Fautrat

School of Humanities and Social Science had organized a guest lecture with an aim to expose the students to a varied experiences that trigger seeds of learning and thinking in their minds. In this series a distinguished speaker, Mr Pascal Fautrat, Executive Director, Tara Homes for Children, was called upon. The event details were as follows:

Date: 16th Oct 2014
Time: 10 am 12: 30 pm
Venue: GDGU, Room B007

Mr. Pascal has his origin from France and is a Psychologist and a Social worker by profession and qualification. He has worked in France for the Ministry of Justice for 8 years and also worked with juveniles in conflict with the Law. In 2000, he published an essay on Psychopathology of trans-sexualism. He also worked as a French Editor in Social Science from 2000- 2005. Since 2004 he is I India and has opened the unit called Tara Homes for underprivileged children.

In his talk he covered following main themes:

  • How he decided to follow psychology and how it became an integral to his professional life?
  • What Tara Homes for children are, why they are different, how relevant and awkward it is to be different?
  • Making a difference: Which? How much? For how long?
  • How to survive in Delhi and start an NGO as a foreigner?

To summarize Mr. Pascal started with talking about the connection of Psychology in the business world and how the subject teaches us to adjust well in different contexts with ease. He shared how as a Psychologist he learnt to create everything into a process and uses psychology while conducting an effective meeting and engaging people in the best ways possible.

He shared how to run a qualitative NGO, the idea focussed on being unique and making no compromise on your standards and not getting influenced with donors and influencing people around in being like others. He shared that he strongly believes that one should walk the talk in life and stay high on quality of work one does. He sounded passionate and was very well versed about the laws and acts about the children, his dedication towards the cause is pure and professional and he maintains the ethics and standards in the Tara Homes.

Mr. Pascal shared thought provoking facts about working with children, child laws, juvenile laws and the child care helpline being 1098 in India. He also shared how it has been a journey of varied experience of being a foreigner, looked at sceptically at the same time with great awe. He talked about how he had to re-learn being in a new land, learning Indian ways, food, even the language Hindi.

The session overall was thought provoking and very informative as he shared the facts of the industry and the really world which are bitter but we can make a difference by being better from our own end.

Blog Writer: Prof. Sakshi Kaul, SOHSS

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