Ms. Aadya Prasad

Assistant Professor
English Studies


Pursing PhD in English ; M.A English (Shiv Nadar University); B.A English (Delhi University.)

Research Area /Interests

Communication & Literature, Environmental Humanities, Animal Studies/Laws, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Poverty Studies, Cultural Studies

Professional Experience

 Worked in research and development sector with Duke University, China and Indian Research Academy for 2 years. Briefly worked in the advertising sector with Films Rajendraa. Teaching experience (2 Years) English Trainer in School of Humanities, SGT University; English Lecturer in School of Liberal Arts, Starex University.

Subjects Taught

Gender Studies, Postmodernism, Cultural Studies, Women’s Writing, English Communication Skills, Children's Literature, Soft Skills.

Publications & Presentations

2 (Publications) 2 (Presentations)

Awards & Honors

  • Shiv Nadar University 100% funded Post Graduate Scholarship .