School of Humanities Students Visit an Inspiring Art Exhibition

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December 4, 2014
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December 11, 2014

School of Humanities Students Visit an Inspiring Art Exhibition

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences had an opportunity to visit an art exhibition hosted by the Family Of Disabled (FOD) on 5th Dec 2014. Family of Disabled (FOD) is a registered charitable trust engaged in the service of people with disabilities since 1992. Being a cross- disability organization, FOD is able to serve people with different disabilities.It was founded by Rajinder Jauhar,himself a quadriplegic who has been bedridden for the last 22 years.

The FOD’s Art Exhibition gave the differently-abled, a platform to showcase their talent. All the paintings or sculptures displayed at the art exhibition had a different story to tell. All of these pieces of art had a message to convey . Some of the paintings were done by members who have had some kind of training in art earlier in their life and the others were people who trained themselves over the years . Some paintings required a lot of precision and hard work, it would have taken years to complete some.

The students of SOHSS were awestruck by those beautiful pieces of art. It was a revelation to know what beauty and depth they are capable of creating. The paintings evoked empathy and very positive vibes amongst us and we all came back feeling inspired.

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