Sneha Hossain, a IInd Year student of BA Psychology (Honours), has been selected for internship with Institut Francais en Inde, Embassy of France-India

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Sneha Hossain, IInd year student of BA Psychology (Honours) has joined Institut Francais en Inde (IFI) as an intern for two months. This institute is an apex organization under Embassy of France-India with the mission to facilitate Indo-French exchanges through country festivals and various events at regular intervals for the people of both the countries to know each other better, share and learn from each other. The Institut français en Inde is part of the huge cultural network of over 100 IFs (Institut français) worldwide working in close relationship with over 1000 Alliance Françaises.

GD Goenka University is working with IFI for academic collaboration between GDGU and IFI. The two institutions are hopeful of offering a variety of opportunities to students across the various schools at the GD Goenka University.

During her internship from June-July 2016, Sneha will be closely working with the Institute as a trainee and will be gaining exposure to a French-speaking working environment. She is currently working on a project with the Institute to understand the French influence on India and understand how Indian students perceive France as a desirable destination for higher studies. Sneha is a diligent and bright student and this opportunity will add value to her academic profile and open wide career avenues in future.

We wish her success!

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