SOHSS plans Talk by Social Enterpreneur Pascal Fautrat

SOHSS Visit to a Children’s Home
October 1, 2014
SOHSS hosts Pascal Fautrat, Executive Director, Tara Homes
October 17, 2014

SOHSS plans Talk by Social Enterpreneur Pascal Fautrat

Pascal Fautrat : Executive Director, Tara Homes

School of Humanities and Social Science has an aim to expose its students to a wide cross-section of personalities and varied experiences that trigger seeds of learning and thinking in their minds. In this series a distinguished speaker, Mr Pascal Fautrat, Executive Director, Tara Homes for Children, will be bringing his views at 10 am on 16th Oct 2014 in Room B007.

Pascal is a Psychologist and a Social worker by profession and qualification. He has worked in France for the Ministry of Justice (1993/2001), posted in Parisian suburbs taking care of children in need of shelter, care and protection. Has also worked with juveniles in conflict with the Law. In 2000, he published an essay on Psychopathology of trans-sexualism. He also worked as a French Editor in Social Science from 2000- 2005.

He settled down in India in 2006, and started the Tara Homes for Children. Tara is a promise Pascal made to himself when he saw a 4 years old child sleeping alone on a pavement. Today, the dream has become real, it is carried by an amazing bunch of children, salaried, volunteers, sponsors and a couple of good friends over the world. Every day, with the children, Pascal take classes of humility and courage and as he says ‘it will try to be up to their amazing desire to live and to learn’.

Topics of his talk would be:

How I decided to follow psychology and how it became an integral to my professional life?

What Tara Homes for children are, why they are different, how relevant and awkward it is to be different?

Making a difference: Which? How much? For how long?

How to survive in Delhi and start an NGO when you are a foreigner?

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