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October 20, 2014
Workshop on Play Therapy being organised by SOHSS
November 13, 2014

SOHSS Visit to NACG Seminar

Venue: CCA School, Sector 4 Gurgaon.
Date: 31st Oct, Friday
Time: 11:00 am to 3:30 pm

MA Students of SoHSS and Faculty Ms. Sakshi Kaul visited the session that was conducted by the National Action and Coordination Group (NACG), an NGO forum which brings together NGOs networks, coalitions, media, children’s forums, academia and other civil society bodies to promote interaction, networking, joint advocacy, sharing of good practices and experiences. The main idea of the session was to inform and help join in for this initiative and build the NACG (National Action and Coordination Group) as an important part of action and awareness to end violence against children in India.

The seminar was chaired by Col. Kr. Pratap Singh and Ms. Razia Ismail – Secretariat, New Delhi for NACG. Ms. Razia shared how imperative it has become for us to focus the cause of children and do some actionable things around it.

The main themes that NACG is concerned and is working around are:

  1. Child Labour
  2. Child Marriage
  3. Child Traficking
  4. Corporal Punishments
  5. Child sexual abuse and exploitations

They are making a forum that aims at collaborating and working to ensure these social vices against children are eradicated. The aim is to have a society that is safe and comforting for any and every child. The Session was open session were children also got to express and question the issues and concern, enabling the working authorities to get their perspective as well.

NACG is extending membership to an organizational and individual. This is the stepping stone for working towards the cause from starting to bring awareness and making everyone responsible in some way to work for the cause.

We have taken a membership as GDGU organization based for Rs. 500/ organization. There will be work input that can be done and extended for the same cause. There was individual membership that was taken by the faculty and one student.

The Action Plan: The way ahead.

  1. At GDGU we can take up and work for the cause by starting an awareness campaign.
  2. SoHSS can contribute towards the frame work of Cure, Prevention and Anticipation and help planning on one theme i.e. Child sexual abuse and exploitation.
  3. There can be a responsibility, awareness and action plan that can be formulated for the same.
  4. NACG want to organize a national conference and we can at GDGU be the host for the event.
  5. For the state of Haryana some campaign and programs can be conducted and formulated.
  6. Social Science research can be conducted to understand the implications and work on interventions that can be beneficial.

Blog Writer: Sakshi Kaul, SOHSS

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