Two-day Pre-conference Workshop on Statistical Package in Social Science (SPSS)

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Two-day Pre-conference Workshop on Statistical Package in Social Science (SPSS)

The School of Humanities and Social Science (SoHSS) organised two-day pre-conference workshop on Statistical Package in Social Science (SPSS) on February 29 and March 1, 2016. The workshop was a part of the first International Conference on Applied Psychology (ICAP 2016) which witnessed a huge gathering of scholars, practitioners and students. Taking place over two days, 29th February and 1st March, 2016, the workshop saw 32 participants including students and research scholars from Aligarh Muslim University, Amity University and G.D Goenka World Institute.

The resource person for the workshop was Prof. (Dr.) BahmanKord Tamini, a faculty of the Department of Psychology at the University of Sistan and Baluchistan, Iran. He was selected as “Top Iranian Scholar” by the President of Iran. He specialises in SPSS training and has conducted numerous workshops across the world. Prof. Bahman was accompanied by Prof. (Dr.) Farhad Kahrazei, the Vice – Chancellor of the University of Sistan and Baluchistan for Free Education, Iran.

Prof. Tamini started with the very basics to make the participants familiar with the fundamentals of SPSS. The session was interactive and Prof. Tamini paid individual attention to each participant to make sure that no one was facing any difficulty. The discussion gradually moved towards screening and cleaning of data. The session continued with categorizing data along with a talk on parametric and non-parametric tests. This was followed by the theories of Correlation and Regression. The first session of Day One ended with ‘Q’-and-‘A’ followed by lunch.The second session started with a comparison of measures of variance and standard deviation. Prof. Tamini provided all the participants with real data which could be used for research purposes. Questions were addressed after each topic to ensure that the participants were able to understand the exercises.

The second day began with a recap of the topics discussed on the first day. This was followed by more complex topics as the participants became acquainted with SPSS. Anova and Manova were introduced as the data became more complex and more variables were introduced. This was followed by factor analysis. The Workshop concluded with a vote of thanks and the distribution of certificates by Prof. Raj Singh, Vice Chancellor, GDGU, Prof. Deependra Jha, Dean, School of Engineering and Prof. KakoliSen, Dean, SoHSS.

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