Legal Aid Workshop: A Guiding Light for the Society

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October 13, 2015
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October 26, 2015

Legal Aid Workshop: A Guiding Light for the Society

The GD Goenka University, School of Law organized a legal aid workshop on 17th September, 2015, for the budding lawyers. The purpose of the legal aid program is to create awareness among people for their rights, duties and liabilities. It provides legal assistance to those who cannot afford professional legal services and to champion those social causes for which there is lack of required support. Working on the objective of NYAY SABKE LIYE, which uses the idea that legal service is an element of “just, fair and reasonable” as its core concept. As per the court procedures, the state fights for the victim but the accused from such areas usually lack quality legal services. The committee consists of activities that aim at social advancement by creatively utilizing the instrument of law.

The methodology used by the legal aid committee is counseling people in rural areas and urban slum areas, hearing out the issues and problems and giving legal solutions to the issues and problems and giving legal solutions to them. The committee is constituted by a location identification team, camp organizing team and a visiting team. The program includes public speaking, legal aid camps, seminars, client counseling and street plays.

This program was conducted to familiarize the students with the basic concept of legal aid and the circumstances which they are going to face while performing legal aid in the villages. This workshop had two parts. The first part was an explanation of different aspects of legal aid through a power point presentation which was facilitated by Ms Shiksha Dhaiya. The second part was the one where student volunteers enacted a role play to give a brief idea about the common problems faced by the villagers and the method that may be adapted to resolve them.

For a law student, legal aid provides a practical approach as they get to learn about different problem solving methods in real life. It is a mutually beneficial process of exchange which is a gateway to achievement of knowledge. The key strength of this legal aid committee will be large body of students who are talented and equally committed with proper guidance of the faculties.

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