PGD – Accounting & Finance

Programme Overview

Duration: 1 Year | Programme Code: 010101

Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting and Finance is a post graduate level qualification targeting students with interest in accounts and finance. The programme has core courses, elective courses, practical work, case studies, industry interface and research covering areas of accounts and finance. The students will be exposed to global accounting practices along with tools for financial managerial decision making. The students will undertake courses in specialized areas of accounting and finance, to enhance competencies.

School of Management has academic collaborations with KPMG, National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), and BSI to help students substantiate their theoretical knowledge with comprehensive business practices.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Develop students to become effective managers and leaders in the business world.
  • Familiarize the students with best Accounting and Financial Management policies.
  • Develop the skills to apply information technology in Accounting and Financial Management functions.

Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme, students will be able to:

  • develop a thorough understanding of Accounts and Finance functions of an organization.
  • develop financial leadership qualities.
  • collate and integrate systems of Accounts and Finance.

Programme Highlights

The programme is delivered through lectures, seminars, workshops, business games, simulation exercises and directed through independent study. The students use a range of accessible supplementary texts, articles, reports and other designated sources, including business games, simulations and websites. The knowledge and skills of students are assessed by innovative techniques. The parameters for assessment are professionally developed for each competency.

Some of the major areas that will be covered

Finance and Managerial Accounting, Financial Tools for Planning and Decision Making, Financial Reporting, Taxation, Cost Accounting, Company Accounting,Stock Market Operations, Financial Markets, Derivatives, Corporate Valuation, Insurance, Banking etc.

Career Avenues

Students can develop a career in sectors ranging from Consultancy, IT and ITES industry, Market Research, Stock Trading, Banking, Insurance, FMCG and other corporates.

Entry Requirements

An undergraduate degree in any discipline from UGC approved university. In addition, applicants will also have to successfully complete Goenka Aptitude Test for Admission (GATA) and appear for a personal interview.

Course Structure


Code Pre-requisite Paper Title L T P per Week Total Credits
NA Financial and Management Accounting 300 3
NA Managerial Economics 300 3
NA Advance Financial Management 300 3
NA Company Law and Governance 300 3
NA Auditing 300 3
NA Stock Market Operations 300 3
NA Insurance and Banking 300 3
IPT 1001 NA Project 1/ Amalgamator 300 3
Total Credits 24


Code Pre-requisite Paper Title L T P per Week Total Credits
NA Advance Cost Accounting 202 3
NA Corporate Valuation 300 3
NA Direct and Indirect Taxation 300 3
NA Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management 300 3
NA Financial Markets and Institutions 300 3
NA International Financial Management 300 3
IPT 1002 NA Project 2/ Amalgamator 202 3
Total Credits 21
Total Course Credits 45