Trip to Pratapgarh farms and resorts – an amazing outdoor learning experience for the School of Management

Bachelor of Commerce Honors /B.Com (Hons.) KPMG
January 27, 2014
Summer Internship Programme – School of Management
June 16, 2014

GD Goenka UniversitySchool of Management organized a “Learning Outside Classroom” outdoor trip on 26th February 2014 to Pratapgarh Farms, a safe and secure place full of adventure, learning and fun amid the rolling green farmlands in the Jhajjar town. The students were very excited about the trip and worked hard with Dr.Kakoli Sen and Dr.Tanuja Kaushik towards organising the trip including being in touch with the resort and making booking arrangements, transport arrangements and other detailing exercises. Route Planning was done and three pickup points were made to pick up students from convenient and closest locations.

There were several Hands on Experience and Projects that students experienced such as Agriculture, Vegetable Cultivation, Dairy Farming, Poultry Farming, Waste Management, Pottery, Water Harvesting, Waste Management, Vermi-composting, Farm yard manuring etc. The students were also sensitised to rural settings and saw village lifestyles. They enjoyed a host of activities and rides such as camel ride, bullock cart ride, Mud bath, tug of war, blind alley games, Crossing the Burma Bridge, Trampoline jump, Drawing well water, Henna Application etc.

Students also played several rural games such as Kanche, Gulel, Kite Flying etc. This was one of a kind of experience for most of the students who have had no such exposure to this kind of a mix of urban and rural setting. All the students loved the same and came back very bonded and happy.

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