A brainy guest lecture on ‘pre operative and post operative physiotherapy management for patients’ by Dr. Tanu paul
November 22, 2018
An innovative workshop on aqua aerobics and fitness workshop
March 15, 2019

World Cancer Day 2019



Let the hope prevail, of better times and healthier days


Poster making competition on world cancer day

school of medical and allied sciences, gd goenka university, gurugram conducted a poster making competition on word cancer day, i.e. 4th february, 2019 to acknowledge and advocate the diverse prevailing knowledge and structures of thought pertaining to cancer and its subsequent prevention and treatment.today, we know more about cancer than ever before. Through investing in research and innovation, we have witnessed extraordinary breakthroughs in medicine, diagnostics, and scientific knowledge. The more we know, the more progress we can make in reducing risk factors, increasing prevention and improving cancer diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and care. Hence, by raising the public and political literacy and understanding around cancer, we reduce fear, increase understanding, dispel myths and misconceptions, and change behaviours and attitudes. To achieve this level of awareness, poster competition was held wherein; students participated with a genuine sensitivity and harmoniously made some enriching and mindful posters. Best three out of all were awarded with a prize and their efforts were warmly appreciated, 1st prize was won by tarannumnaaz chowdhury and sonamkhatana (nutrition and health), 2nd was backed by nazreen and vaishali (bpt) and 3rd was won by jaya and rashi (bpt) & consolation prize to ruchika&manisha from dept of nutrition & health was given. Competition culminated with more awareness and hope of undisputed strength.


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