Post-graduate Diploma in Event Management

Duration: 1 years | Programme Code: 080101

The programme has been designed for students who are passionate about planning and organizing events. Spread across a period of one year, the skill-based, practical programme givesstudents insights into the fast growing Event Management industry and the knowledge needed to succeed. The classroom lectures are backed by field exercises, exposure to industry professionals and an opportunity to intern with top event management companies. The objective of the programme is to have the students fully prepared to join the industry at the end of the year.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Provide an understanding of Events and Event Management
  • Explain how an event plan is prepared
  • Teach the process of event budgeting and its evaluation
  • Give students information about the organization of specialized events
  • Provide insights into risk management, stage craft and logistics
  • Understand the role that events play in integrated marketing communications
  • Understand the importance of team work and the value of contingency planning

Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme, the students will be able to:

  • Describe the types and characteristics of events
  • Describe the structure, role and functioning of an event management company
  • Explain the process of scheduling, budgeting and evaluation of events
  • Prepare an event proposal
  • Define and describe the holding of specialized events
  • Explain the principles of celebrity management
  • Describe the logistics required for stage-based events
  • Explain the use of events as marketing tool

Programme Highlights

The programme is designed to provide knowledge and skills to plan, organize and manage events.The students over the course of a year will learn workflow management, venue selection and negotiation; they will learn about room layouts, seating plans, design and decor; they will also learn the importance of budgeting, transportation and logistics, not to mention the critical role of entertainment, food and technology plays in organizing successful events. The concepts taught in the classroom are put to test in the field during a three-month mandatory internship.

Some of the major areas that will be covered

Event Planning and Production, Event Evaluation, Event Budgeting, Event marketing, Celebrity Management and Risk Management.

Career Avenues

The Event Management industry today has more openings than trained professionals of other fields. There are scores of event management companies that are looking for youngsters to help them organize, manage and conduct cultural festivals, trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, corporate events, fashion shows, reality shows across the country. The industry hires a wide range of professionals. Some of the job positions available for Event Management Professionals are Event Planner, Event Coordinator, Event Production Head / Team member, Event Executive (Budgeting & Finance), etc.

Entry Requirements

Graduation in any field from a UGC approved university. In addition, candidates will also have to successfully complete a Goenka Aptitude Test for Admission (GATA) and appear for a personal interview.