Welcome to G D Goenka University where we transform students through experiential learning and innovative practices to pursue educational excellence.


To transform individuals and communities to advance educational excellence through innovative practices, research, inclusiveness and traditional essence, with a focus on national and global requirements, by professionals who are inspiring scholars and leaders.


  • Impart professional education through innovative methods and techniques.
  • Collaborate with leading universities and educational institutions offering Teacher Education programmes.
  • Promote research in education leading tosocially relevant results.
  • Plan andexecute outreach activities beneficial to the immediate community and society at large.
  • Focus on experiential learning.
  • Facilitate interaction with nationally and internationally renowned role models in education.
  • Focus on development of all round personality of student- teachersthrough organisation of sports, cultural and academic activities.
  • Provide opportunities for internship at all G D Goenka Public Schools, G D Goenka World School and leading public and government schools to gain skills and insight into all the nuances of managing and transacting education.