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Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management (PGDEM) (Montessori System) – 1 Year

Programme Overview

Duration: 1 Year Programme Code: 050101

This programme brings to India for the first time Management of the internationally acclaimed Montessori Method in a progressive curriculum. Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management (Montessori System) is absolutely unique and innovative. It is based on what teachers practically need to know and implement in a classroom.

The education management curriculum brings a new shift in awareness and opens the vision of the participants to possibilities that incorporate a seamless blend of the Montessori Method; the stimulation & the exploration of the International Programmes; the cultural, reflective and spiritual blend of the Vedas.

Programme Educational Objectives:

The programme will seek to facilitate the participants:

  • To become experts in management of age appropriate and stage of development appropriate curriculum.
  • To master the techniques to evaluate the outcomes while achieving the specific developmental goals.
  • To give complete knowledge of Psychology and the stages of development of a child and how they are applied and managed logically in Pedagogy.
  • To draw out each and every child’s potential and aptitude.
  • To analyze each subject at a Macro level and then simplify it to bring it to plan lessons at Micro level.
  • To create a ‘prepared environment’ for the complete development of the child as in Physical, Lingual, Social, Psychological, Emotional, Intellectual, Moral and Spiritual for Self Actualization.
  • To challenge herself/himself with faith that a child “can” and ensure that the child “does” achieve all desired developmental goals.

Programme Outcomes:

The Programme will:

  • Create teachers as they are meant to be.
  • Teachers will understand that every child is a challenge. It is the adult in the environment who has to find a way to reach out to the intellect of the child.
  • They will have ample knowledge of learners’ types and will be able to modify their lessons accordingly.
  • They will be aware of real achievable targets to be set for each stage of the child’s development.
  • They will bring a tangible difference to every child’s learning and development with conscious effort and informed awareness.

Programme highlights:
  • The programme has an incorporated practical training and internship (2-3months) to equip participants with adequate knowledge to display and present educational content.
  • The program has in its content, topics which are unexplored by any other teacher training program till now. These are essential skills that every teacher requires for her efficient managerial day to day working.

Some of the major areas that will be covered:

Story Telling, Theatre & Puppetry, Music & Movement, Personality Development, Grooming & Communication Skills, Curriculum Development, Classroom Management & Project Implementation, Art & Craft Skills and Application, Meals Planning & Nutrition, Managing Trips & Excursions, Events Management & Parent Interaction and First Aid.

Career Avenues:
Montessori teachers are highly sought after and there is always a dearth of them. They are absorbed instantly, not only as teachers but as Coordinators, Academic Supervisors, Trainers and Heads. The opportunities are immediate and immense. Also, the course is internationally accepted as it provides great opportunities to work abroad, anywhere in the world.

Entry Requirement:
Graduation in any stream from a UGC approved university. The candidate will be required to
appear for a personal interview.

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