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Shreya Prakash
CGPA: 9.95;
B. Tech. (ECE)

GD Goenka University has the best faculty who are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. They constantly motivate us to work hard and achieve targets. They go an extra mile to deliver the concepts, in a conducive environment which facilitates better learning. The time table has a slot available on a daily basis, which gives us flexibility to go and clear our doubts with the teachers. This approachability and time available with the teacher helps bringing clarity motivating us to think in a multidimensional way. Apart from these, we have regular mentor and mentee meetings allowing us to discuss our personal and academic issues. The association, where a teacher is mentoring a set of students guiding and helping us brings the best on the table and developing where possible. It feels like home, where the comfort and ease to be able to connect with everyone is there and you unknowingly become a part of this one big family.


Nikita Ahlawat
CGPA: 8.73;
B. Tech. (CSE)

I am an undergraduate student of Computers Science and Engineering at GD Goenka University. The university gives me an array of options to increase my knowledge base and facilitates additional online learning all during the academic hours! The initiative called ‘Research Saturday’ is my favorite which motivates students like me to carry out research work on Saturdays under able faculty supervision and ever expanding lab resources. I feel empowered as this initiative has helped increase my knowledge manifolds in the very first year of college. It offers a platform where we engage in such projects which otherwise are normally taken up by 3rd or 4th year students in other colleges. I just love the experiential & inter-disciplinary project based learning which forms an integral part of our curriculum.

Gagan Bhardwaj
CGPA: 9.25;
B. Tech. (ME)

GD Goenka University, along with its impeccable infrastructure and the ability to translate learning provides me with admirable lab facilities. Here the emphasis is on experiential learning and conducting regular workshops, seminars and guest lectures. Labs of G D Goenka University provide me with ample opportunities to perform wide range of experiments. Instruments are not just used but are also created in these labs. These labs provide us a platform to work on various technical projects and research works and are opened the beyond regular lab sessions. Discussions held in the labs help a student to explore new & undiscovered facts and consequently lead to many innovative ideas. The wide range of workshops and expert guest lectures conducted on a regular basis imparts insight into the industry scenario, latest technological advancements and opens various horizons.

Karan Amla
CGPA: 8.42;
B. Tech. (CE)

Along with unmatched academics, project based learning etc. co-curricular activities are vital and forms a way to connect with other schools and showcase our talents. Events like ‘REVA’ –a formal welcome to all the fresher (new students) and ‘ACCELERON’ – annual fest of GD Goenka University, were just exuberating, exciting and fun-filled. The state-of-the-art sports and Hostel facilities at the university are bound to give you memories that one would cherish for rest of his life. Life at GD Goenka University is beyond comparison – vibrant culture, hundreds of new friends and plethora of opportunities, along with transmitting profound knowledge all comes to us, the moment we step in. I invite you all – come and experience the OPPA GOENKA STYLE!