Diploma in Hotel Management 1.5 Years Semester Fee – Rs. 1,66,000/-
Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (BHMCT) 4 Years Semester Fee – Rs. 1,62,500/-
MBA - Accommodation Operations and Management 2 Years Semester Fee – Rs. 1,62,500/-
MBA - International Hotel and Restaurant Management 2 Years Semester Fee – Rs. 1,62,500/-
Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts Management 1 Year Semester Fee – Rs. 1,80,000/-


  • As the course modules focuses on many aspects of food and beverage operations and management, the curriculum includes exposing students to a wide variety of food and beverage products including alcohol, meats (e.g. beef and pork) and their by-products. our kitchen and restaurants are not Halal/ kosher certified. Although tasting is optional, students will be required to handle and serve these products in addition to washing non –halal and non- kosher equipments.
  • Applicants with medical conditions and/or physical disabilities which affect best safety and sanitation practices should declare them and such applicants should submit qualified doctor's certificate of fitness for enrollment.
  • Students will also need to purchase cookbooks, uniforms, kitchen tool kit etc. which are not included in the tuition fee.