Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) program in yoga

Programme Overview

Duration: 3 Years | Programme Code: 100208

The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) program in yoga is spread over three academic years imparting knowledge and skills about every facet of Yoga. This program has been designed for meeting the demand of the growing needs of experts in the fields of Naturopathy, Yoga and related oriental treatments and therapies. The program brings together contemporary classroom learning techniques coupled with a traditional yogic gurukul way of life strengthening scientific evidence of the positive effects of yoga and meditation on human health. The way yoga has become popular these days, there are ample job opportunities for qualified yoga experts in india and abroad. It is a dynamic and challenging career in which one could achieve personal growth and respect from society by imparting Yoga training to all sections of the society.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • The graduates will demonstrate knowledge and skills of yoga science necessary to become professional yoga trainer.
  • The graduates will be skillful in various yoga techniques to provide healthcare solutions for the benefit of the society at every stage of life.
  • The graduates will be able to demonstrate leadership qualities and entrepreneur skills by working and communicating effectively in interdisciplinary environment, either independently or in a team.
  • The graduates will be involved in life-long learning and professional development through self – education, continuing education or graduate and professional studies.
  • The graduates will engage in life-long learning and professional development through self-study, continuing education or professional and doctoral level studies.

Programme Outcomes

After successful completion of this programme, graduates will able to:

  • Integrate and apply knowledge of yoga and spiritual evolution for the practice of yoga as healthcare therapy.
  • Design advanced yoga based therapies to meet identified needs within economic, environmental and social constraints.
  • Instill the intellectual skills to analyze and solve healthcare disorders through designing specific yoga therapies.
  • Function on multidisciplinary healthcare teams, working cooperatively, respectfully, creatively and responsibly as a member/leader of a team.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of professional ethics in yoga science to avoid biological controversies.
  • Promote the awareness for positive health and personality development in the society through yoga awareness programmes/training sessions.
  • Communicate effectively with specialized and non-specialized audiences about yoga therapeutics as part of their complementary approach to health care.
  • Use modern tools and techniques in developing yoga specialty centers.
  • Recognize the need to engage in lifelong learning through continuing education and research.

Programme Highlights

Distinctive programme curriculum; Qualified and experienced Yoga Trainers; State of art facilities for yoga learning; inter-disciplinary project based learning; Tie ups with Yoga organization of repute.

Core Modules

Human anatomy and physiology, Basis of yoga, Meditation ,Yoga for ailments, Basics of sanskrit, yoga techniques and practices, Research methodology, Yoga practice, Communication skills and Personality development .

Career Avenues

With the rise in reputation of holistic and alternative medical care yoga has emerged as a career of choice. After the successful completion B.Sc. (Yoga), students can pursue their career as yoga trainer in Hospitals, Spa & wellness centers. They can also serve at various social, educational and industrial institutions as yoga instructor. The graduates of this programme can also opt for opening their own yoga therapy centers.

Entry Requirements

Candidate who have completed 10+2 in science stream with physics and chemistry as compulsory subject with any one the Math/Biology/Biotechnology or any other equivalent qualification. In addition candidates will also have to appear in GATA (Goenkan Aptitude Test for Admission) and Personal Interview.