Brunch at K3

On a lazy Sunday afternoon,when I wake up, the first thing that comes to my mind is “Where is the brunch today!” for me, Sunday is a family day that starts with going out and experimenting with the most talked about places for brunches in town. This Sunday too was one of those usual Sundays when we decided to go to K3 coffee shop at JW Marriot in Aerocity.

As soon as we entered the main gate of the hotel, there was nothing that ceased to surprise me. Right from the polite Darbaans and prompt valet service to the glassed and finely manicured lobby and finally the K3 coffee shop, everything was just perfect and I was left captivated. The coffee shop was covered with glass on one side that overlooked a lush green lawn with a water body running through it. On entering the coffee shop, there was a bar on the left hand side, adjoining which, was the dessert counter that caught my eye and on the right hand side were the tables packed with families and friends enjoying their meals. The ambience of the place was so lively with the hustle and bustle of the diners, live counters with chefs presenting their specialities and the well dressed, courteous stewards serving beverages to the diners.

After taking our table right across the bar, I walked down the aisle and encountered the salad bar on my left, serving exquisite, fresh produce along with a variety of dressings to choose from. For seafood lovers, the variety of prawns, squids, octopus, etc was quite elaborate. Adjoining the salad bar was the breads and quiches counter. If you are a meat lover, the ham and cheese made in authentic Italian style is a must try. Right next to it, Italian cuisine was laid down for the mains. The wood fired pizzas and live pasta stations had more to offer than just the usual. Opposite the Italian counter was the Pan Asian counter, one of my favourites. The prawns and crab dumplings were to die for. Honey chicken and chilli bean fish were worth a try. Down this counter was the Thai and Burmese counter serving green Thai curry and khao suay. These dishes are surely going to take you to the streets of Thailand and Burma. Next to this was the counter that intrigued me the most- the chaat corner. Chicken chaat served in a cone was a fascinating concept. The dish that topped the list was galawti served on ultetaweki roti that just simply melted in my mouth and took me to another world altogether. Finally, to end with, was my favourite- the desserts! The desserts were as tasty and promising as they looked. The nutella crepes and salted caramel and honey ice cream were a perfect ending to a whole and hearty meal. If you are bored on a Sunday and are looking for a place to enjoy a lazy Sunday brunch, K3 is definitely one of the places to try!

Blog Writer: Apeksha Swara, PGDCAM Student

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