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January 19, 2015

School of Humanities and Social Science

Statistics forms an integral part of social science research. As students, researchers and practitioners in the area of social science, there is no getting away from numbers! SPSS – a statistical program, comes to the rescue here by making quantitative data much easier to deal with.

The objective of this 2 day workshop on SPSS is to help new users achieve a basic understanding of SPSS; as well as aid those who wish to take their knowledge of SPSS further.

Workshop Presenter: Prof. Neeraj Kaushik (NIT, Kurukshetra)


16th January, 2015

    • Introduction to SPSS (Types of files in SPSS; Data view, variable view) & Excel
    • Relevance of SPSS for Research
    • Various functions in SPSS (Split, Weight case, Select case, Multiple sorting, Recoding into same/different variable)
    • Data Entry in SPSS & Excel
    • Data Cleaning (Outlier analysis, Algo for missing frequency, improper codes etc.)
    • Objective wise analysis (Decision for type of statistical tools on the basis of objectives)


17th January, 2015

    • Simple & Multiple Regression
    • Assumptions of OLS Regression
    • Hypothesis tests: Parametric {t/z/F}
    • Non-parametric tests
    • Cross-tab & Chi square test
    • Linear Discriminant Analysis
    • Practical demonstration

Workshop Fee: INR 2000
(Fee includes Lunch, High-Tea and Delegate’s Kit. Payment details are given at the end of this document)

Last Date for Registration: Tuesday, 5th January, 2015

Contact Details for Workshop: Dr. Kakoli Sen (
Professor and Associate Dean, School of Humanities and Social Science

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