Visit to Airport Authority of India by Students of School of Engineering

Workshop on Enhancing Professional Skills for School Of Education
March 21, 2018
Guest Lectures by Lecturers from the Institute for Digital Technologies – Loughborough University London for Students of School of Engineering
March 21, 2018

15 students from the GD Goenka School of Engineering ECE, attended a day long Industrial visit to the Airport Authority of India, New Delhi on 21st March, 2018.

Mr. R.K Bangwal, General Manager, ATC, introduced the students to various departments, their functioning etc. through an insightful power point presentation. Later in the day, our students also visited the AMSS and the VHF department, where they were enlightened about how the airplanes are managed and controlled both on field and in air by the Air Traffic Control.

The students were also informed about applying for internships, training or joining the ATC and AAI.

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