VISITS-Educational Visit to The British Council

Guest lecture on counselling in clinical practice (especially child psychology)
October 17, 2016
Flow of Information Through Boards
October 25, 2016

With an aim to create a snapshot of theatrical world, on 22nd October 2016, the students of English department at School of Humanities & Social Sciences, G D GOENKA UNIVERSITY, SOHNA along with the faculty members visited British Council, who in association with The Shakespeare Society of India celebrated “Shakespeare’s Ashes”.

The conference featured academic seminars brought into focus different aspects of Shakespeare’s afterlives; plenary sessions by Michael Neill and Aparna Sen; an especially commissioned translation of Shakespeare’s sonnets into various Indian languages; poetic performances to make Shakespeare more accessible through conversation and exchange and many more. The Conference also hosted “Jugalbandi” sessions that showcased prominent Shakespeareans in conversation. Overall, the visit was interesting and it created an insight proving that Shakespeare’s work is timeless and is being adapted to stage and screen even today.

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