Programme Overview

Duration: 5 years | Programme Code: 070201

Bachelor of Architecture, five year full time professional undergraduate level degree, aims at educating aspirants who will assume leadership role in creating built environment for future generations. The main goal of this course is to inculcate the ability to conceptualize, formulate, design, detail and execute according to specific requirements & needs, in the context of different social, cultural, geographical, economic scenario and technical aspects.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • To enhance intellectual capabilities, simulate sensitivity and observation power, unveil and nurture creative talents and develop proficiency in professional & interpersonal skills.
  • To understand architectural design process and attain proficiency in architectural design, as one of the core subject with supportive inputs of other subjects as per curriculum.
  • To acquire an understanding of the determinants of built environment; such as social imperatives, environmental concerns, structural principles and the art of designing buildings.
  • To expose to the components of a building and process of building construction, judicious use of materials; technology, skills and equipments used in transformation of concepts to reality.
  • To provide exposure to environmental support systems as they apply to built environment. The aspects cover climatology, environmental control, energy efficiency & alternative methods of energy use and its conservation, integration of renewable energy systems.

Programme Outcome

  • Adequate knowledge of arts, history, theories and contemporary trends of architecture together with related subjects, technologies, and sciences.
  • An understanding of the methods of narrating design briefs, preparation of drawings & documents for an architectural design project; together with an ability to create architectural designs for a range of building types that satisfy functional & aesthetic requirements.
  • An understanding of the structural design, construction, environmental, engineering and management aspects associated with building design & construction.
  • Exposure of professional bodies, societies, industries, organizations, bylaws & regulations; integrating micro level plans into macro level planning.

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