Programme Overview

Duration: 5 years | Programme Code: 060401

This course provides insights into the policy initiatives within the framework of the constitution and integrates legal studies with aspects of governance. The course is designed not only with the objective of encompassing knowledge of law but also to teach subjects like English, Sociology, Economic, Political Science and History. These courses help to understand how central and state governments function and how legislations are enacted and enforced. The students get a strong footing for undertaking professional legal education and to have a competitive acumen.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • To equip students with a sound understanding of the foundations of legal knowledge.
  • To offer students the opportunity to study law from an extensive catalogue of optional subjects, covering the entire range of legal knowledge.
  • To develop students’ analytical and research skills, equipping them with the generic skills they will need in their future careers.
  • To expose students to a wide range of disciplinary approaches to legal study, encouraging them to reflect on the complexity of legal practice.

Programme Outcomes

  • Develop a depened understanding of law in a variety of contexts.
  • Display the ability to deal with different types of legal issues and laws.
  • Apply critical and contextual approaches across a wide variety of subject matter.
  • Acquire necessary knowledge that is a pre-requisite to obtain Bar Council registration.
  • Analyze and understand changes in regard to rule of law, economic reforms, human rights, women’s rights, rights of children, elderly, sick and disadvantaged segments of the population.

Course Structure

BALLB (Hons) :

All Modules in this Semester are core and compulsory

Codes Pre-Requisite LTP Per Week Credits
SLE 1701 English Paper I: Law and Language 4-0-0 4
PSC 1709 Political Science-I (Political Theory) 4-0-0 4
SCG 1719 Introduction to Sociology 4-0-0 4
ECO 1727 Economics-I(Principles of Economics) 3-1-0 4
SLL 1701 Law of Tort 4-0-0 4
SLL 1702 Law of Contract 4-0-0 4

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