Programme Overview

Duration: 3 years | Programme Code: 090205

English is the dominant global language for science, art and culture, business and technology, international politics and almost all forms of global communication. This programme is designed to provide students with a liberal arts foundation while sharpening their language skills and analytical abilities in English. The course includes English Literature, English Language, Poetry, Grammar, Creative Writing and Linguistics. Through general education, electives, and focused study, students have the chance to develop oral and written communication skills. Within the English specialization, students study topics in British, American literature as well as Indian Writing in English, Technical Writing, Business Communication and Literary Criticism. The program is also intended to build individual productivity, expression and teamwork proficiency.

Programme Objectives

  • To deliver knowledge and understanding of English Language and Literature in totality.
  • To enable students to demonstrate and apply English language skills in a variety of contexts.
  • To help individuals discover how English has developed over the centuries and study the classic works of Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare as well as contemporary authors such as Toni Morrison and Vikram Seth.
  • To enable individuals to understand and interpret the English language and its application in many fields in an effective manner.
  • To develop fundamental and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the history, evolution, intricacies and development of the language.
  • To encourage and embolden self-expression and opinion.
  • To provide a holistic grooming of communication skills in English encompassing speaking skills, writing skills, listening skills and reading skills.

Programme Outcomes

  • Develop a deeper appreciation of English Literature and Language.
  • Ability to critically analyse Literature texts of different eras and be able to interpret and review them.
  • Proficiency in communicating in English.
  • Ease of applicability of English language in present day career occupations.
  • Ability to think critically, speak articulately, write lucidly and precisely, and to read powerfully, deftly, and with understanding of subtleties and nuances. 

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