Programme Overview

Duration: 3 year | Programme Code: 090206

The BA History provides students with a basic grounding in history with the development of skills in research, analysis and quantitative reasoning that are essential to a thorough grounding in Liberal Arts. History covers the study of the evolution of human civilizations down the ages i.e. from the pre-historic to the present time. The course covers the study of major historical events that took place both in India as well as across the world.

Programme Educational Objectives

Students gain a broad, comparative understanding of the human past. Graduates with a BA History:

  • Demonstrate both broad and deep knowledge of long-term historical developments.
  • Understand how societies have constructed and experienced history across time, place, and person.
  • Explain distinctions between different historical periods, places, actors, events, and forces by using disciplinary categories of analysis and academic language.
  • Students learn to think critically about the past and develop the curiosity needed to pursue in-depth knowledge of particular historical subjects.
  • Display an appreciation of causation, chronology, contingency, complexity, multiple perspectives, historical empathy, and contemporary relevance.
  • Students develop original and complex interpretations of the past.
  • Design, research, and write original interpretations that are based on evidence from the historical record and situated within relevant scholarly literatures.
  • Students express historical interpretations both orally and in writing.
  • Write in the conventions of the discipline of history and conform to the profession’s current practices of citation and quotation.

Programme Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the programme the graduate would be able to :

  • Expand your knowledge and understanding about the past, and reflect on the diversity of past human experience
  • Gain a critical insight into the range of interpretations, theories and approaches that historians have adopted and tested over time
  • Cultivate a broad range of skills which are highly valued by employers, such as the ability to think critically, assess evidence of many kinds and express ideas with precision. These skills can be transferred to many different careers or provide a grounding for further academic study.

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