Programme Overview

Duration: 3 year | Programme Code: 090201

Study of Psychology is an academic discipline which involves scientific study of mental functions and behavior. The B.A. Hons, an undergraduate programme at GD Goenka is designed to impart the knowledge of various domains of psychology invigorating and apprising the learners of theoretical constructs and practical applicability of the subject. It takes a holistic approach to ensure the students have a deep understanding of the core fundamentals and are able to absorb and apply various concepts metamorphosing things learnt to reflect leading-edge in their preferred and chosen domains.

Programme Objectives

  • To introduce Psychology as a scientific study of mental functions and behavior.
  • To impart the knowledge of various domains of psychology viz. Social Psychology, Counselling Psychology, School Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology etc.
  • To impart fundamental knowledge of various concepts, their application and enormities in varied fields.
  • To apprise them of the latest developments in the field of psychology.
  • To acquaint learners with methods and procedures used in conducting scientific research.

Programme Outcomes

Upon successful completion of graduation, learners are expected to demonstrate the following:

  • Acquire, absorb and apply knowledge of the fundamental principles in psychology.
  • Understand psychological processes and human behavior.
  • Develop critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Demonstrate statistical, information gathering, synthesis skills to facilitate research.
  • Demonstrate coaching and counselling skills.

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