Programme Overview

Duration: 3 Years | Programme Code: 020213

B.Sc. Information Technology is a three year undergraduate programme. The programme aims to produce graduates who have been exposed to experiences that will prepare them to address the information processing requirements of organizations. The curriculum has been carefully designed in collaboration with our course experts and in consultation with our industrial partners. Students will learn about the concepts of information technology and management of information in organizations by understanding systems concepts, communications and information technologies.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • The graduates will become successful professional by demonstrating logical and analytical thinking abilities in the field of IT.
  • The graduates will work and communicate effectively in interdisciplinary environment, either independently or in team, and demonstrate scientific leadership in academia and industry.
  • The graduates will engage in lifelong learning and professional development through advanced degrees in information technology, discussion, professional studies and research.

Programme Outcomes

Upon completion of the B. Sc. Information Technology programme, students will be able to:

  • Develop knowledge of scientific theories and methods, gain experience in working independently with scientific questions and their ability to express clearly on academic issues keeping in view legal, ethical, social security and issues.
  • Communicate effectively in written and oral context with specialized and non-specialized audiences.
  • Identify information technology related problems, analyze them and design the system or provide the solution for the problem.
  • Apply current technical concepts and practices in the core information technologies of human computer interaction, information management, programming, networking, and web systems and technologies.
  • Function in multidisciplinary teams by working cooperatively, creatively and responsibly as a member of a team.
  • Recognize the need to engage in lifelong learning through continuing education and research.

Some of the Major Areas that will be Covered

Discrete Mathematical Structure With Applications to CS, IT Fundamentals, Object Oriented Programming using C++, Accounting and Financial Management, Values and Ethics For Personal and Professional Development, Operating System Concepts, Computer Architecture and Assembly Language, Unix Operating System and Shell Programming, Multimedia Technologies, Data Warehousing and Mining, Web Technologies and Applications, hand on learning experience through training and project etc.

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