Vocational Education & Training

The rapid changes in technology and skills required in the workforce for driving the economy has resulted in larger training times for fresh entrants. To reduce the latency when the employee is on-boarded, Higher education systems continuously innovate on the curriculum to ensure knowledge and skills required for employment are imparted at an early stage to the employee. The training is accomplished with focused attention to all students individually through a mentorship program.

The curriculum is revised continuously to incorporate the requirement of various industries and the latest employment trends. The University offers a curriculum which is flexible and ensures the development of the graduate to a complete individual in all aspects.

Centre of Vocational Studies has been established to offer Apprenticeship linked Diploma/Degree programs. The Centre has program specific tie-ups with potential employers for On the Job Training (OJT), Apprenticeship or placement of students. The duration of the OJT/ Apprenticeship a significant portion of the overall program duration. During these intensive sessions, the students practice their technical skills and gain meaningful work experience. They also begin interactions outside of academia in a non-social setting, and hone their soft skills, a clear requirement for growth in career.

Students enrolling for the programs in the Centre will undergo following training:

  • Domain Specific Classroom Training
  • Domain Specific Lab Training
  • Computer proficiency required for the workplace
  • Soft Skill Training
  • Entrepreneurship Training to become job creators
  • OJT/Apprenticeship in the Industry
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