• Code 100305
  • DeliveryFull-time
  • Length2 Years
  • CredentialMaster of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Program Description

Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry is a 2-year postgraduate programme provides insight of computational aided drug design & development, retrosynthesis and modern tools for analysis of drugs and its formulations which helps to understand the effect of medicines on the human body, minimise time and cost and make medicine reproducible, reliable and of assured good quality. This programme opens up a lot of career options in pharmaceutical companies, research institutions and hospital pharmacy. Students can possess their career as medicinal chemist/scientist in drug design & development, medical/scientific writer, quality control & quality assurance analyst and as hospital pharmacist.

Program Outcomes

After completion of two years’ graduation programme student will exhibit the following:

PO1. Apply the advance & recent knowledge acquired through experiential learning of pharmaceutical sciences to create newer technology and skills of drug development, clinical evaluation & regulation.

PO2. Able to plan the research methodologies, optimize the experimental techniques and resources to make evidence based recommendations.

PO3. Able to identify gaps in drug therapy and analyzing it critically for innovative drug development.

PO4. Develop the research capability to design patient specific and targeted drug therapy.

PO5. Demonstrate the skills to lead interdisciplinary team and collaborate to implement patient centred healthcare.

PO6. Applying the knowledge of ethical practices and human values as professional pharmacist in hospital, industrial or institutional setups.

PO7.Able to deliver successful demonstrations, documentation, advice, and counselling by effectively & empathetically communicating to pharmaceutical community and society.

PO8. Demonstrate the ability to identify ethical issues & resolving the conflicts with sound decisions & human values.

PO9. Able to learn, select, apply and create advance techniques like high throughput screening, computational modelling, bioinformatics (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics) for drug design & optimization.

PO10. Understand and apply the principal of environment protection and sustainability in pharmaceutical production, and drug disposal.

PO11. Understand the need to enhance the knowledge & skills to engage in life long learnings and applying it for advanced pharma therapy.

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1. Graduate will acquire advance knowledge in lead identification, biological target strategies, retrosynthesis, peptidomimetics, green chemistry including modern analytical techniques and In-silico virtual screening to design receptor based drug molecules.

PSO2. Graduates are capable of synthesizing, developing and characterizing new synthetic drug with impurity profiling through cost effective and environmental sustainable techniques.

PSO3. Students will able to do research independently in the field of pharmaceutical, biomaterial chemistry, quality control & quality assurance analyst and update the knowledge through higher education.

Tuition Fee



  • 1st Year ₹1,40,000
  • 2nd Year ₹1,05,000
  • 1st Sem ₹87,500
  • 2nd Sem ₹52,500
  • 3rd Sem ₹52,500
  • 4th Sem ₹52,500

Admissions Open

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Master of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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Master of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Admission Requirement

For National Students: 

Students should be passed in the following examinations

  1. a) B. Pharm Degree examination of an Indian university established by law in India from an institution approved by Pharmacy Council of India and has scored not less than 55 % of the maximum marks (aggregate of 4 years of B. Pharm.)
  2. b) Every student, selected for admission to post graduate pharmacy program in any PCI approved institution should have obtained registration with the State Pharmacy Council or should obtain the same within one month from the date of his/her admission, failing which the admission of the candidate shall be cancelled. 

Note: It is mandatory to submit a migration certificate obtained from the respective university where the candidate had passed his/her qualifying degree (B. Pharm)

For International Students: 

International students must possess a minimum 55% in equivalent examinations (equivalent to B. Pharmacy regulated by Pharmacy council of India, India) and AIU norms.

Our FacilitiesResearch & Laboratory Facilities

Anatomy Lab I

Anatomy Lab II

Biochemistry Lab

Central Instrumentation Facility- Water’s HPLC System

Central Instrumentation Lab

Computer Lab I

Computer Lab II

Electrotherapy lab I

Electrotherapy Lab II

Electrotherapy Lab III

Exercise Therapy Lab I

Exercise Therapy Lab II

Exercise therapy Lab III

Medicinal Chemistry Lab-

Organic Synthesis Lab

Pharma Analysis Lab-I

Pharma Analysis Lab-II

Pharma Chemistry Lab

Physiology Lab I

Physiology Lab II

Master of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Syllabus

Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4

Career Opportunities

  • Research Associate
  • Synthetic and Analytical Chemist
  • Quality Control (QC) or Quality Assurance (QA) Chemist
  • Regulatory Executives
  • Community Pharmacists
  • Drug Inspectors
  • Marketing Managers
  • Medical writers
  • Hospital Pharmacist

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