• CodeNA
  • DeliveryFull-time
  • Length2 Years
  • CredentialMasters in Orthopaedics

Program Description

Master of Physiotherapy is a two-year programme with specialization offered in the fields of Musculoskeletal. It is one of the most demanded courses in modern medical education. Throughout the programme extensive clinical training is given to students to specialize in their respective fields. It also provides advanced knowledge in the area of specialization which leads to the development of competency and skills. The program is designed to use a variety of teaching/learning techniques including lectures, case discussions, practical exercises, lab work, field visits, seminars, journal clubs, collaborative learning, group discussions, assignments, hands-on training, internships, and dissertation work. Physiotherapy subjects include Research Methodology & Biostatistics Biomechanics and students learn about the clinical condition’s physiotherapy assessment and advanced techniques in their specialty module.

Program Outcomes

The course aims to offer comprehensive, individualized training to prepare students to deliver quality physiotherapy care. By the end of the course, students should be able to accomplish the following:

PO1: Apply the knowledge and techniques of physiotherapy education to support the comprehensive professional growth of individuals, spanning from maintaining wellness and preventing issues to rehabilitating dysfunction.

PO2: Apply advanced proficiency in planning physiotherapy interventions, including the ability to formulate comprehensive and individualized treatment plans, integrate evidence-based practice into planning, and adapt plans based on ongoing assessment and patient/client feedback

PO3: Enhance thinking ability through critical analysis, problem-solving, and evidence-based decision-making in the context of physiotherapy practice.

PO4: Advanced research proficiency by designing and conducting high-quality research studies in physiotherapy, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field.

PO5: Develop leadership qualities to effectively manage and lead teams in diverse healthcare settings, demonstrating ethical decision-making, and strategic planning skills 

PO6: Develop a strong professional identity as physiotherapists, respecting patient autonomy, cultural diversity, and holistic care. Understand the ethical and socially responsible conduct required in interactions. Propose strategies to engage in health promotion, advocate for underserved populations, and contribute to healthcare advancement.

PO7: Communicate effectively with patients, families, and healthcare professionals using appropriate verbal, nonverbal, and written communication strategies to facilitate optimal patient care and interprofessional collaboration

PO8: Evaluate the application of ethical principles in professional practice, including the demonstration of integrity, honesty, and confidentiality, while respecting cultural diversity and individual beliefs.

PO9: Apply proficiency in utilizing modern tools and techniques in physiotherapy practice to assess, diagnose, and treat patients effectively, incorporating evidence-based practices for optimal patient outcomes.

PO10: Synthesize knowledge of healthcare practices and sustainability principles, demonstrating an understanding of their interconnectedness and importance in reducing ecological footprints.

PO11: Committed to lifelong learning by engaging in professional development activities to enhance their knowledge, skills, and practice in physiotherapy, thereby staying current with advances in the field and providing optimal care to patients.

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1: Graduates will apply advanced proficiency in conducting comprehensive orthopaedic patient assessments, developing personalized treatment plans, and implementing evidence-based interventions across a variety of clinical settings.

PSO2: Graduates will be able to design, implement, and evaluate community-based physiotherapy programs aimed at promoting health, preventing disabilities, and enhancing the quality of life for diverse populations specifically musculoskeletal conditions.

PSO3: Students will gain expertise in conducting independent research, showcasing advanced abilities in research design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. This will not only contribute to advancing physiotherapy knowledge in the field of physiotherapy in orthopaedic conditions and practice but also prepare students for higher studies.

Tuition Fee



  • 1st Year ₹1,55,000
  • 2nd Year ₹1,25,000
  • 1st Sem ₹92,500
  • 2nd Sem ₹62,500
  • 3rd Sem ₹62,500
  • 4th Sem ₹62,500

Admissions Open

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Masters in Orthopaedics
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Masters in Orthopaedics
Admission Requirement

55 % marks in BPT

Career Opportunities

  • Consultant Physiotherapist in Multi-specialty Hospitals, Health Care Centers, NGOs
  • Corporate Physiotherapists in MNCs
  • Health Care Physiotherapy Instructor in Modern Gymnasiums
  • Ergonomic Care Advisor
  • Physiotherapist in Special Schools for Physically Challenged Children
  • Physiotherapist in Old Age Homes
  • Sports Physiotherapists along with Sports Associations, Sports Team, individually hired physiotherapists by elite athletes
  • Entrepreneurs in Rehabilitation Centers/ Organizations
  • Private Practitioners running Private Physiotherapy Practices
  • Teaching
  • Clinical Researcher
  • Private clinics

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