• Code100301
  • DeliveryFull-time
  • Length2 Years
  • CredentialMaster of Physiotherapy

Program Description

Master of Physiotherapy is a two-year postgraduate program (PG) aimed to develop physiotherapy professionals with an advanced knowledge in various domains of physiotherapy sciences to cater the ever-increasing demand in the field of physiotherapy.

Keeping this in view, Master of Physiotherapy offered at GDGU, where students will be trained to work with other health care professionals in multi-specialty environment to identify and maximize their ability to diagnose and treat their patients and also help them perform various functions, in their chosen area of elective.

Presently School is offering Masters of Physiotherapy in four specializations:

  • M. P. T in Musculoskeletal
  • M. P. T in Neurology
  • M. P. T in Sports

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Programme Educational Objectives:

PEO1- The post graduates will be able to detect & evaluate the Anatomical, Patho-physiological impairments, resulting in dysfunction of various age groups & occupation; as well as epidemiological sectors in the population, & arrive at appropriate diagnosis.

PEO2- The post graduates will be able to understand the rationale & basic investigative approach to the medical system & surgical intervention regimens; & accordingly plan & implement specific physiotherapy measures effectively.

PEO3- The postgraduates will be a competent and reflective physiotherapy practitioner who can function safely and effectively while adhering to legal, ethical and professional standards of practice in a multitude of physiotherapy settings for patients and clients across the lifespan and along the continuum of care from wellness and prevention to rehabilitation of dysfunction.

PEO4- The postgraduate will be able to promote health in general, as well as competitive level, such as sports, work productivity, geriatrics, women's health etc, keeping in mind national health policies.

PEO5- The post graduate will acquire in-depth knowledge of structure and function of human body related to the respective branch of specialty

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme, graduates will be able to:

PO1- Demonstrate knowledge and skills acquired through programmes for the practice of the profession of physiotherapy.

PO2- Execute all routine physiotherapeutic procedures with evidence based practice.

PO3- Plan and implement clinical and scientific solutions related to the profession of physiotherapy.

PO4- Function on multidisciplinary teams, working cooperatively, respectfully, creatively, and responsibly as a member of a team.

PO5- Provide adequate knowledge about the treatment procedures and its benefits.

PO6- Perform independent physiotherapy assessment and treatment for patients.

PO7- Undertake independent research in the field of physiotherapy.

PO8- Learn multidisciplinary practice skills.

PO9- Practice and assess patients independently.

PO10- Understand and appreciate the role of physiotherapist in a professional and ethical manner for the development of healthy society.

PO11- Practice in his / her specialty area with advanced knowledge and skills.

PO12- Recognize the need to engage in lifelong learning through self-study, continuing education and research.

Programme Highlights:

Distinctive academic curriculum, qualified and competent faculty members, transfer of knowledge through scholarly activities, interdisciplinary project based learning, state-of-the-art laboratories, exceptional physiotherapy facilities, industry interaction and internships. Some of the major areas that will be covered: Applied Sciences, Physiotherapeutic, Physical & Functional Diagnosis, Musculoskeletal, Neurology, Sports and Cardiopulmonary.

Career Avenues:

Self- Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Physiotherapists can start their own OPD based Clinic or even establish an outsourced based OPD and IPD Facility in hospitals offering ICU / Surgical and super-specialty Musculoskeletal Services. They can also collaborate with practicing Medicos to provide different types of treatment in association with them.

Government & Private hospitals: After completing MPT professionals can join public & private health care hospitals ICU, Gait & Movement Lab, Medical and Surgical Wards and work as consulting therapists for persons with different types of condition.

Academics: Students can start their career as teachers in Physiotherapy institutions. Students can also opt for PhD in various disciplines as a full time or part time candidate (simultaneously with the teaching assignments) to upgrade his/her academic hallmark and employability opportunities.

Research Scholars: Clinical Research Associate: Clinical research associates manage clinical trials and studies pertaining to physiotherapy techniques and modalities, procedures to explore safety assessments and treatments on human beings.

Medical Writer: Medical writer's work either closely with physicians on developing research papers and articles about their work, or with a Physiotherapy equipment’s company on the creation of educational and sales materials. These materials often outline how a new product works, including the benefits, side effects, and more.

Entry Requirements:

Candidates who have completed full time Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)with 50% marks from a UGC recognized university/institution are eligible to apply. In addition candidates will also have to successfully complete a Goenka Aptitude Test for Admission (GATA) and appear for a personal interview

Tuition Fee



  • 1st Year ₹1,80,000
  • 2nd Year ₹1,50,000
  • 1st Sem ₹1,05,000
  • 2nd Sem ₹75,000
  • 3rd Sem ₹75,000
  • 4th Sem ₹75,000

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Master of Physiotherapy
Admission Requirement

Candidates who have completed full time Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) with 50% marks from a UGC recognized university/institution are eligible to apply. In addition candidates will also have to successfully complete a Goenka Aptitude Test for Admission (GATA) and appear for a personal interview.

Our FacilitiesResearch & Laboratory Facilities

Trapezius stretching

Gait training exercises

IFT modality

Iontophoresis Application

Anatomy Lab II

Computer Lab I

Computer Lab II

Electrotherapy lab ambience

Exercise Therapy Lab I

Exercise Therapy Lab II

Exercise therapy Lab III

IFT application

Knee Joint

Parallel bar Training

Physiology Lab

Physiology Lab II

Resistance Training

Spine Explanation

Students Practicing Compound Microscope

TENS application

Theraband Application

Ultrasound Therapy

weight transfer exercises

Master of Physiotherapy Syllabus

Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
Semester 6
Semester 7
Semester 8
Semester 9

Career Opportunities

  • Self- Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Government & Private hospitals
  • Academics
  • Research Scholars: Clinical Research Associate
  • Medical Writer

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