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Welcome to the Department of International Partnerships and Student Mobility

G D Goenka University has a vibrant and continually expanding engagement with universities all over the world.

Assistant Professor Susanta Bose, the Director of the ‘Department of International Partnerships and Student Mobility’, oversees international partner engagements and student mobility.

Aims and Objectives

The role of the Department of International Partnerships and Student Mobility is to:
  • Provide students best-in-class learning outcomes through offering opportunities to also experience teaching-learning, research and work, social and cultural environments in various countries
  • Provide students a good learning ecosystem through selectively working with foreign universities and drawing on the course content, assessment modalities, pedagogy and other best practices from top-tier universities worldwide
  • Facilitate guest lectures and workshops by faculty from our international partner institutions and thereby provide a global perspective to our teaching-learning and research ecosystem
  • Facilitate collaborative workshops, seminars and conferences with our international partner institutions and thereby further intensify our global perspective to teaching, learning and research endeavours
  • Enhance activities such as staff training, course development and course renewal through drawing on the expertise in our partner institutions through staff mobility and staff exchange programmes
  • Foster student internships abroad in business corporations, start-ups and not-for-profit organisations
  • Encourage student participation in international competitions, student projects and community engagements so as to develop a more international and holistic perspective to teaching and learning
  • Facilitate international student and staff mobility through student and staff exchange programmes with our partner institutions
  • Facilitate collaborative research and development (R&D) and teaching and community engagements through working with our international partners and tendering for multilateral, international, national and regional R&D, teaching and community project grants and jointly publishing in top-tier scholarly journals

Truly Global Footprint

To-date, G D Goenka University has concluded forty partnerships with universities in sixteen countries: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Malaysia, Taiwan, Denmark and China. Discussions are underway to substantially expand this global network substantially. As evident in the map below, the University has established a truly global footprint with several partnerships in major countries in all six populated continents: North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia.

Recent International Activities

Student Mobility
The University has established three specific pathways for students to study at foreign universities:

Joint Qualifications

The University is mapping its courses with several international partner institutions to provide students the opportunity to earn a certificate or diploma from a partner institution whilst pursuing an undergraduate degree at G D Goenka University.

The University already has long standing agreements with Politecnico di Milano, a reputed fashion and design institution in Italy, and Le Cordon Bleu, the reputed culinary arts institution in France, to enable students to earn a certificate whilst pursuing their undergraduate fashion and design or hospitality and tourism course at G D Goenka University.

International Internships

The University has several arrangements to provide qualified students the opportunity to undertake four to eight weeks paid or unpaid internships in different countries. In addition to partner institutions, these internships are provided by other overseas organisations with which the University has established collaborative links.

REDSET Keynote Address: Dr Perumal Thinakaran (University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Collaborative Research Engagements

Students at the honours and master’s levels of study are provided opportunities to engage in short-term research projects with students and faculty from foreign partner universities. Currently, G D Goenka University’s ‘School of Humanities and Social Science’ and ‘School of Management’ are in discussions with the University of Cincinnati (USA) to undertake a number of small-scale research and community development projects.

The University is also exploring opportunities for split-site PhDs. This will provide PhD scholars the opportunity to be partially supervised by faculty at foreign universities. Such opportunities are being explored with the University of Essex (United Kingdom) and the University of Western Australia (Australia).

Prof. Sung Don Hwang, Secretary General, Silk Road Universities Network

Visiting Scholar Programmes

The University recently hosted a number of senior foreign academics. These visitors delivered lectures or conducted workshops for students and staff across a range of topics. Some examples of recent visiting scholars are Dr Anthony Manning (University of Kent, United Kingdom); Dr Kathryn O' Sullivan (University of Limerick, Ireland); Professor Chen Li-Wen (National Formosa University, Taiwan); Dr Salim Mohd. Salim (Swansea University, United Kingdom); Dr Gary Dirks (Arizona State University, USA); and Dr Nirvana Bechan (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa).

Dr Anthony Manning and Ms Hannah McNorton (University of Kent, United Kingdom) speaking on Transnational Education

Faculty Mobility Programmes

G D Goenka University’s academic staff, including the President Professor Suku Bhaskaran, visited several higher education institutions abroad in order to develop and progress transnational academic alliances. Examples of faculty visits to partner institutions are as follows:

Professor Kim Anne Menezes,

Dean – School of Management (University of Kent, United Kingdom) and (University of Cincinnati, USA)

Professor Rohit Dutt,

Dean – School of Medical and Allied Sciences (Bukhara State Medical Institute, Turkey)

Professor Tanuja Kaushik,

Dean Student Welfare (Lancaster University, United Kingdom)

Dr Priyanka Khanna,

(Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey)



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