G D Goenka University endeavours to foster an engaging and research-intensive ecosystem through its Department of Research & Development. The Department also oversees consultancy projects pursued by academic staff.

Prof (Dr.) Anjali Midha Sharan, Dean: Department of Research and Development, oversees research and innovation initiatives of the University.

Aims and Objectives

The role of the Department of Research and Development is to:

Develop and adopt policies, systems, process and procedures to enhance research competencies of academic staff and students.

Administer research activities across the University either in the form of doctoral research, competitively tendered research projects, contract research projects and research projects in collaboration with international partner institutions.

Maintain, in conjunction with the Registrar, Deans and Principal/Chief Investigators, accurate and complete records such as copies of R&D agreements, regulatory documents, signed consent forms, source documents, and study-related communications

Create visibility as the University’s central contact for information and guidance for researchers, prospective external research funding agencies and internal research and support communities

Administer the University’s code of research practice that mandates that research projects and publications be conducted ethically and per best practices

Promote the University’s research capabilities to internal and external stakeholders

Foster a culture of research excellence through creating opportunities to undertake high quality research and research dissemination in appropriately tiered scholarly journals

Support the application and publishing of patents

Provide direction to the research endeavours of all stakeholders and over time develop key research areas for the University

Foster and manage, in conjunction with the ‘Director: International Partnerships and Student mobility’, intense research engagements with international partners in areas such as joint-research,  research dissemination ,research training and ‘split-site’ doctoral programmes

Provide oversight, guidance and training to ensure that research projects are conducted per agreed schedules, standards, budgets and with appropriate compliance to regulatory mandates

Enhance research competencies and support early career researchers to undertake exploratory studies that can be potential pathways for large nationally and internationally competitive research projects

Enhance research intensity through developing an ecosystem that recognises and incentivises good research endeavours

Promote greater gender equity through supporting female scholars and academics to become research active and pursue careers in research

Support and incentivise academic staff and students to engage in research, research dissemination and teaching-learning practices that are informed by research.

Research Intensive Ecosystem

External Engagement

The University engages collaboratively with a host of research partners including industry, government, not-for-profit organizations, community organizations, industry associations and research institutions in India and abroad to not only undertake fundamental research but also applied research that develops solutions and solves real world problems.

Doctoral Studies

The doctoral programme at the University attracts several senior professionals from industry and the academic fraternity as well as international students. The Office of Research & Development engages with individual Supervisors /Advisors to work with doctoral scholars, many of whom are return to study individuals,  to acquire skills and knowledge to conceptualize, design and conduct scholarly research.  The Office of Research & Development also promotes research that informs practice and policy and thereby directs research endeavours that are beneficial to the community.

The University’s doctoral programme takes research scholars through an extensive and exhaustive mandatory coursework component. The coursework component provides scholars opportunities to engage with faculty and peers in scholarly discourses and establish networks that foster academic and professional development.

Teaching Assistantships and Teaching/Research Fellowships

The University has also introduced ‘Teaching Assistantships’ for current fulltime research scholars and ‘Teaching/Research Fellowships’ for fulltime scholars who have successfully completed their doctoral studies at G D Goenka University.

Orientation Program: Batch of 2019 Odd Semester

Orientation Program: Batch of 2019 Even Semester

Recent Research Activities

Departmental Seminar Series

The University focuses on capability building by periodically conducting seminars led by senior academics and fellow researchers.

Workshop on advanced pharmacological research by School of Medical & Allied Science

Workshop on advanced pharmacological research by School of Medical & Allied Science

Session on Academic Writing by our President Prof (Dr. Suku Bhaskaran)

Guest Speaker Series

The University periodically invites guest speakers with expertise in various domains ranging from research methodology to writing research projects. Regular faculty development programs (FDPs) are also held at the Campus and faculty are also encouraged to participate in such workshops externally. The scholars are provided with the opportunity of participating in Guest Lectures and the various seminars/research conclaves organized at the University.

Mr. Srivastava from J Gate taking the PhD scholars through a training on using search engines for review of literature

Dr. Shashikant Gupta sharing the details of his DST funded project

Competitive Research Grants

In recent months, academics at the University have submitted several research grant applications. The following are the externally funded projects that are currently being pursued in the University:

Investigator(s) Name of Funding Agency Topic Funding Status
Dr Shashikant, Dr Abhinav Gupta, Dr Sandeep Nagar SERB, DST (under EMR scheme) Modeling and Simulations of Supernovae type Ia light curves: Connecting observations with theory Accepted for funding by SERB (DST) under EMR scheme
Dr. Smita Sood & Dr. Priyanka Sharma SERB "Multivariate analysis as a tool in  ground water quality assessment  of Mewat district" Approved by SERB
Dr. Rahul Pratap Singh DST-SERB Studies on therapeutic aspects of Nucleic acid aptamer-grafted-RGD receptor targeted theranostic Chitosan-PLGA nanoparticles for brain cancer diagnosis and treatment Approved by SERB

Research Conclave

In order to provide a platform for exchange of learning and interacting with eminent researchers in government agencies, industry and academia, in February 2019 the University conducted a two-day Annual Research Conclave. The event was inaugurated by Prof Suku Bhaskaran (President, G D Goenka University). Dr. H.B. Singh from the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, Dr. Gaurav Gupta from the Ministry of Electronics, Information and Technology, Dr. G.R. Raghvender from the Ministry of Law & Justice, along with eminent speakers from DRDO, ICAR and the corporate sector, led sessions on crafting research projects, co-learning in research and innovation, data analysis, patents, copyrights and several such areas. The conclave attracted 204 participants. There were 11 parallel sessions that culminated in the award of 5 prizes. Additionally, all Schools periodically organise conferences, seminars and workshops. Such activities attract participants from industry and universities in India and abroad.

Annual Research Conclave- 2019

International Research Collaborations

Professor Anjali Midha: Programme at, NHPC Limited

Split-Site Doctoral Programmes

The University is in discussions with international partner institutions with a view to introduce ‘split-site’ PhDs. This endeavour will provide PhD scholars the opportunity to be partially supervised by faculty at foreign universities. Such opportunities are being explored with the University of Essex (United Kingdom) and the University of Western Australia (Australia).

Joint Conferences

The University recently conducted two joint conferences: (i) ‘International Conference on Sustainable Cities and Communities’ with Arizona State University (USA); and (ii) ‘Recent Developments in Science, Engineering and Technology (REDSET)’ with the University of Arkansas.

Consultancy Projects

In order to foster engagements with industry, government and not-for-profit organisations, staff members are also encouraged to pursue consultancy projects. G D Goenka University’s academic staff, including the Dean of the Department, Dr. Anjali Midha, has recently conducted several consultancy assignments.

Key Contacts

Professor Anjali Midha Sharan
Email: anjali.midha@gdgoenka.ac.in


Ms. Supriya Chatterjee
PhD Co-ordinator
Phone: 8800992040
Email:  supriya.chatterjee@gdgoenka.ac.in; phd@gdgoenka.ac.in

PhD Program Leaders

Name School Email
Dr. Amaresh Jha SoC phdsoc@gdgu.org
Dr.Vandana Mehrotra SoM phdsom@gdgu.org
Dr. Shilpy Agarwal SoE phdsoe@gdgu.org
Dr. Anindita Roy Choudhury SoBAS phdsobas@gdgu.org
Dr. Aparna Khansili SoMAS phdsomas@gdgu.org
Dr. Annamma Samual SoL phdsol@gdgu.org
Dr. Richa Srishti SoHSS phdsohss@gdgu.org
Dr. Aabha Sharma SoED phdsoed@gdgu.org
Dr. Anjali Agarwal SoFD phdsofd@gdgu.org
Ms. Ashiyan Sarsoot SoH phdsoh@gdgu.org

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