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February 4, 2019
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If you have been intrigued by the way a hotel or restaurant works or have ideas about the different ways you can improve the services offered to guests, then a course from a reputed school of hospitality would suit you the best. There are various career opportunities that a graduate can opt for in the hospitality sector. Some of the popular jobs after completing hotel management course in Gurgaon are:

Guest service agent/receptionist

After a degree from a school of hospitality, a guest service agent is the first job you can get. Guest agents are similar to customer service staff in hotels. You will be the first contact person clients will interact with in the hotel. As a guest service agent, you will be usually dealing with clients’ requests, and assisting them with information, restaurant reservations, or any other thing that they may need for a comfortable stay at the hotel.

Travel agent/tour operator

A tour operator is someone who helps clients with choosing a holiday destination. They do this by taking certain aspects into consideration, like the budget set by the client. A degree from a reputed school of hospitality in India will prepare you for this job role. As a travel agent, you will plan and manage all the arrangements for the travel. This will include accommodation, transportation, insurance, etc. You will also be providing your clients with information about the various attractions along with documents needed like passports, visas or emergency services that can be availed at the travel destination.

Event organizer

One of the jobs you can find in Gurgaon after a hotel management course is that of an event organiser or planner with an event management company. At the same time, you can also find employment as an event organiser with hotels, bars or restaurants to handle the various events that take place there. As an event organiser, you will have to manage and organise events like parties, weddings, conferences, music concerts, etc. Your job responsibilities will include discussing requirements with the client, and ensuring those requirements are fulfilled by taking into consideration the budget, staff, safety measures and other event logistics.

Some of the duties of an event planner are:

  • Research venues, contractors and suppliers
  • Coordinate staff and suppliers
  • Monitor various activities in the event
  • Carry out promotional activities

Restaurant or bar manager

As a restaurant or bar manager, you will be in charge of coordinating all the activities from all departments, and ensuring that all operations run smoothly. You will be making sure that quality, health and safety standards are met. You will also be responsible for various aspects such as ordering inventory to hiring staff, and creating menus to overall business performance of the establishment.

Hotel manager

A job that is similar to bar and restaurant managers, the vocation of a hotel manager allows you to take care of the administrative tasks and deal with customer service duties. As a hotel manager, you can work at a 5-star multinational chain, an inn, luxury resort or a bed and breakfast. Your job as a hotel manager will include coordinating tasks, and monitoring quality standards of services and activities of the front-of-house, food and beverage operations and housekeeping. Some of the key responsibilities of hotel managers include:

  • Hiring employees
  • Coordinating for activities
  • Check the inventory
  • Contacting contractors and suppliers
  • Dealing with customers
  • Ensuring safety measures are met

Additionally, you can also get involved in the administrative tasks such as making financial plans.

A degree from a reputed school of hospitality in India will give you proper training and education to build a thriving career in the hospitality industry. A career in this sector provides you with transferable skills because the work remains the same no matter where you get to work. A bar manager in Paris is pretty much doing what a bar manager in Gurgaon is. This ensures that your skills are valued no matter where you live and work.

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